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How To Fix a Laptop That Won’t Connect to Wifi!!

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This video will show you how to fix a laptop that will no longer connect to wifi

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Pam G says:

thank you so much.

leo jones says:

This is a lot of work…

Bernadette Kayiba says:

thank you very much the fn and f3 option worked

Alexandra Berwick says:

I've got a problem where wifi will show up but my home wifi won't show up??
I've basically searched everything but I can't find an answer
Please help ;(

Mahamudul Hasan Rafi says:

I haven't understood most of the thing you have shown in video.You should show it more properly

Ciashiu Ling says:

no connection…

Ahmad S Baffa says:

this video was very helpful for my problem

KIM KRIM says:

i cant belive it was the wifi button ^_^

Kacy Ashley says:

Thank you for your help I most of switch the Internet button of by accident

BurgerMania Burger says:

My problem is not here my wifi if i connect it just loads and never shows enter password

legend of the fall says:

damn people love their Wi-Fi 1.2m views

Robinkae says:

Excellent video–clear visual & audio, moderately paced. Thx!

alain matar says:

Could I download the folder from the site on another pc then copy paste it to the broken laptop using a usb ?

Mariah Ernest says:

I don't have a ethernet cable. I use my neighbor's; with her permission, and she doesn't have one either. Help!

Daryon Rambhajan says:

thank you so much…worked really well and was very easy to do

Hvdden Chvld says:

Can somebody help? My laptop has wifi on and everything, but when I log on and go on a website or game (like roblox or episode) it just says "_NOT RESPONDING_" and crashes my laptop…

David J says:

Thanks for putting in your time. Very helpful and easy to follow

saurabh yadav says:

hey guys can u tell me why my oppo f1s is not showing in my dell laptop??? via a usb cable

King Baigs says:

very useful video.. thanks alot

Bubble Snow says:

help my WiFi cannot be connect by laptop.

Pranay Das says:

thank you..that helped?

Sm0k4bl3 says:

FN and F3??

Christopher Sanders says:

I accidentally deleted my network adapter…. I have a Asus windows 10 Zeebook and don't have a Ethernet cord to fit my laptop.. how do I still fix my problem

Ambi Brown says:

OMG!!! This worked absolutely perfect!!! Once my driver was updated, the wifi symbol showed across the bottom. I'm good to go!!! Thanks soooo much!!!!

Jack Gillespie says:

How do you find the driver on a dell. I can't find it on the website

DyeWax GT says:

omg omg isjsjdhdhdjskskk yayayayayay thank u so much!!!!! hahshdkdksksjsj i finnaly got it!!! im happy now !!

tahjae parchment says:

It works thanks

Gues&Win says:

my battery is not remowable

Taylor Locklear says:

Sheesh, I didn't even know I had a button that could disable wifi connectivity. I was able to turn my wifi back on with the FN and F8 button. THANKS for the video! Might use this as a trick to keep people from connecting to wifi on my laptop lol.

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