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How to fix a laptop screen that has lines for free

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My laptop computer screen had vertical static / lines on the lower half. This was my solution.


timmy twait says:

windows 7 isnt 8 yrs old lolz

Tgerman1011 says:

thanks btw

Giridhari .P says:

sorry.but it doesn’t helped me….I have this problem on my Led
(PC)………can any help please…….

Xiexe says:

You could literally just pop the case open and resolder the connector. It
looks like its just having connection issues. 

manish jha says:

I was also facing same problem .
But i press near web cam … Now its working fine…..

Prabhat Singh says:

lol, it’s funny… but works indeed… 

Naziera Jefry says:

wowwww…thanks, i’ve been searching for something like this like so long..
didnt think of changing my laptop cuz it’s one year old Asus Laptop
anyway..still new, but got the same problem as yours..
nvr thought of just pressing it will be work, thanks a lot~~ :D

eman almeraisi says:

wow u actually posted this on youtube u idiot?

Tgerman1011 says:

i started pressing on my screen and all the horizontal lines disappeared…
can’t believe it worked

dhom nalza says:


NorwegianVikingArt says:

8 year old, WOOOOOW!!!!

lawreneph says:

I had my laptop in the bag with my calculator. I pulled it out and the
calculator got inside the keyboard and the computer screen and put lil
lines at the top of the computer screen. I cant getting off pressing does

Im so annoyed and angry because its a Sony Vaio Z and expensive

Alex Argo says:

Lol at YouTube…. It looks like the cable that connects from the lcd to
the motherboard is loose… A c clamp lol nice mcgyver tho

Caitlin Boyce says:

Haha. Made mine worse. :(

JordanTheKidd_MC says:

Help I tried pushing screen but doesn’t work nothing happens at all HELP

Mahiro Kuran says:

My PC screen is broken so

Dustin King says:

Lol I tryed it and it fixed it self no longer need to push it lol thanks

XxxSami13579xxX says:

I tried doing that but it kept coming up with more lines…

jethro dumapit says:

bro i cant any other ideas?

suzy7789 says:

tnx a lot 🙂 it worked on my hp laptop 

same12185 says:

ur fool ur laptop not worked long time so u new screen right way

JathaxOfficial says:

That’s where touch screens come from.

David Shim says:

you made it worse

doc. nayrb comptech says:

what a great idea.. i like that…:]

smoothdoggy7 says:

This laptop has been with me through it all. Like an old dog still hanging
in there. I can’t play any new online games on this though.

sharon lovelidge says:

Thank you so much, your a star. Worked straight away,can’t believe i was
going to throw my laptop away thinking it was broken. THANK YOU :)

kriz pogi says:

i put too much pressure on my laptop lcd and it cracked. I need to buy one.

นัยน์ชนก บุญกาญจน์ says:


Stephen Taylor says:

its the ribon seal that brakes contact on lcd monitor sceens
i cured mine by pressing around the monitor frame after a week
of switching the monitor on & off to cure it.i did at first think i had an
i had strange lines etc appear all over the monitor
but this simple fix works just fine,
Thanks Mann!!! 

vlad cortez says:

Thank you man it works

Adrian Miramontes says:

Are you fucking stupid a c-clamp


thank you very much

Aina Reyes says:

I have this one horizontal line on my laptop screen and your tip won’t work
on mine. Do you have any tip for me?

cremisi1000 says:

inhad this problem i re set my monitor to factory defult and it went away ,
mb i got lucky or it worked

nigel yuille says:

my laptop screen broke

Matthew Farnell says:

Glad it worked for you!

Matthew Farnell says:

Glad it worked for you!

lifelib says:

love this, it’s really cool, but it didn’t work for me.

Matthew Farnell says:

You’re welcome! Glad it worked for you!

Matthew Farnell says:

Glad it worked for you!

Mariya Farnell says:

You are a genius! Love you!

Vishnu Vijayan says:

oh brooooooo…..tanx a lot….. i was so upset..cuz its warranty expired
just abt 10 days back… i saw your vdo and pressed screen like u
did…..and it gt disappeared :D…im a c.s engineer……but practical
knowledge is extremely different …ri8 !!…hatz off…. 🙂

Matthew Farnell says:


DJ Slender says:

oh sick it works! thanks

superjunior2008 says:

you are a lifesaver

Matthew Farnell says:

Sorry, this is the only one I have experience with.

Matthew Farnell says:

Glad it worked for you!

sl2k4u says:

Another way to fix it is by placing a small piece of paper inside the
screen, between the glass and the plastic bazel that goes around the

nathan lee says:

I love you

Matthew Farnell says:

Glad it worked for you!

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