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How to fix a ipad black screen or mixed color

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Harry Saunders says:

cheers man i was really worried because this had happened to me before but before i just assumed it was brocken but i kept it fir a few years and amazingly it worked again, but i did it again literally a couple of minutes ago watched this video and i was amazed it worked thank you so much

Andrew Watkins says:

Thank you so much

Vidar Karlsen says:

it helps a lot

MymomForgotMyName says:

"bang on the back" I tottally for got why I'm here 😂😂

SniperWolf says:

Damn I tried it and made it worst the weird thing is I didn't touch me iPad for a year or two and then it was acting weird

maria munoz says:

this does work i didn't hit it hard tapped it and it worked. thanks for the tip. i was getting ready to take it to a store….

Owen Jiang says:

What would always work for me is just by punching the front screen, being like, "PIECE OF SHIT, TURN THE FUCK ON!"

BigTwinOne - Rhythm Restorer! says:

This worked. Incredible.

Camille Turney says:

Well hope this works this is my second iPad in three years

ali13._ X says:

Thx bro really helped out

Steven Nhan says:

It works holy cow.

Farhin Israt says:

wooow. …..it really did work..thank u so much…

Squishy Slimey Candy Gaming says:

or just go to a electronic repair thing

JiBong Lover says:

OMG!! Its really works… tq … you saved my ipad .

delontae Oliver says:

Thanks so much!

Gc35 Zx2 says:

i have a ipad air 2 the same thing happened just yesterday,
My dad told me it was a lcd problem,
will this work on ipad air 2?

Londonbaby says:

it doenst work man , i have hit many times

bridgeapproach says:

It wont work

foxythekid says:

I punchen it 1 time and it Worked , this happend to me some time ago and this was the video i watched to fix it

Estel Enad says:

thanks for pin 4027

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