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How to Fix a Hp Laptop that Won’t Turn On / Freezes at start up / No Power Repair

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This is an easy fix for any model Hp that won’t turn, gets stuck during boot, freezes or turns on and then dies.


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Peter Mec says:

Wow it worked, last time it did the same thing I took it to a computer repair guy and I paid $200 he replaced motherboard, this time it did exactly the same thing, computer turns on but it get's stuck at starting stage, the light comes on but it won't go any further then that, thank you for posting this video, I was planning to take it to him again, I can't believe it worked.

Oscar Lopez says:

I need help , my HP computer not laptop , got an update and after the update it said loading with percents , then the screen turned black. The power button on the computer is lit but the screen is black no matter what , what should I do ???

Bella Brown says:

It worked!!!

Oof Z says:

This worked but now how do I prevent this from happening again Bc after I shut it down this will happen again and it doesn’t always work

Badzo says:

Omg this is working.Ty ❤

soumyaranjan sahoo says:

Tnxxx ladyy..🤗🤗

cherinet chombe says:

what if its boot time is too long

thanmathi jayakumar says:

Tried for more than 5 times but it's not working😢..pls help me


I have a hp probook 4520s but Its not helping

Ishmaan says:

I probably did it wrong but it won't work for God sake

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