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How To Fix A Forgotten iPad Password

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Lost iPad Password Fix.

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mazsive g says:

worked. ty:)

Eleni Toufexis says:


that1channel says:

tyvm losing passwords no more , this did it for me :p ty again ,Correction
i get nothing but a waiting message and then fails ><

Benard Jackson says:

it took me two times, but the second was the charm! thanks so much.

Ghayo0o says:

thank you, you saved my life !

HiImWind says:

I’ve gotten to the restore and update part, I came two minutes ish into the
progress, then a message came up saying there’s an error and I need to
enter the iPod password to access iTunes, tried multiple times, same

arvid wartenberg says:

First video with a full explanation not leaving you in the dark.. Thanks!

Diana Nguyen says:

How long did it take for your iPad to recover because I forgot my iPad pass
code and I have an iPad 4 so I want to know what to expect when I’m
restoring my iPad.

Mario Wizard says:

does it work in IOS 7

Nathan Fenton says:

Yes fuck off 

X says:

It doesn’t work that way with iPad 4

Hla Paw says:

Will they able to see our important stuffs or pictures, or apps???

Paul L says:

You do realise thiefs are going to use this to clear an stolen ipad??

Kalil Haidara says:

It works like magic… Thanks for your help… Teach me he to unlock phones
is u can

Kalil Haidara says:

does it work on IPad Mini?

Noura Aghahassan says:

yea it doesnt let me :(

Noura Aghahassan says:

i like it a little the show i still working on it

Briggsy3097 says:

Cheers mate really worked!

David Koski says:

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https://plus.google.com/111040709797982407181/posts/9RuiPMGdLx1 for
facebook friends hacking and spying

jianhao qin says:

Sorry it doesn’t work on my I pad air

carmatell says:

Thank you, like you said. A+

SimplyChaos | ChaosGaming says:

great video, and guys icloud is a thing too.

ky kyle says:

Thank you, this worked for me using your advice! Best wishes

abdul samad says:

thank you so much

Michael Pardalos says:

everything deleted.

Lim WenKai says:

Is the iPad still recognized in the computer as the same iPad or as a new
iPad after restoring? And if I have a backup for my iPad on my computer
beforehand, will I still be able to use it after restoring?


big thanks man 🙂

Luiz Intini says:

Great tutorial, man! But however it didn’t work to me. It says “Unknown
error – 3194”. Any idea about it? Thanks!

test says:


johnnybrew1 says:

It seems pointless having a password when you can do this to access the
iPad. Am I missing something here?

LenarrSki Sanchez says:

Hey , i can connect to itunes but , its says 4 hours remaining , and then i
kept waiting and nothings moving , unlike yours , its like updating and
mine is just like , a USB chord , and arrow to itunes , wtf , please help
me man , thanks .

Teresa Oliver-Merrill says:

Thanks! It worked great!

LenarrSki Sanchez says:

and then its says , cannot connect to my ipad , cause it has a password ,
WTF . help me guys pleasE =[

badmennot says:

Thanks 🙂

Abdullah Alemara says:

thank you so much

Greg Clarkes says:

Thanks for the posting!

Tom tt says:

may you live forever and a day Thank you

mohd erman Abdullah says:

Thx friend it rwaly help thanks alot

johnnybrew1 says:

Understood, thank you for that explanation.

broken heart says:

is everything deleted or is it saved on the computer

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