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How to fix a disabled iPad

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Fixing disabled iPad


Grow Gamer says:

Guys I should be makeing more videos of gaming soon so leave that sub I’ll
be playing games like growtopia a awesome game that I aready start with so
hang on there !!!! : )

Nyk lode says:

Will this delete all the data in my iPad?

Orlando james says:

hey does this make u lose all data on the iPad?

ohhgeezitsmeli says:

thx (:

Asam Nadeem says:

You suck

BAY CLAN says:

thank you so much little , YOUR THE MAN :)

Asam Nadeem says:


sabrina. loves.the.direction says:

I have no I tunes

Young Viviani says:

Thank you very much, my mum is very happy

Gigi Goglichidze says:


Jay rod says:

Thanks buddy 

sabrina. loves.the.direction says:

I have no I tunes

Victor Abril says:

didn’t work dumbass i don’t know how to get the plug

Orlando james says:

if ur ipad is disabled I recommend try to use this

Mrswaper says:

Nice u has more views than meh ;000

Jorge Granados says:


Orlando james says:

Thanks a lot man liked it :)

Vio Vio says:

thank you so much !!!!!!

Luis Maciel says:

Thank you very much

Azan Pervez says:

Adil u idiot don’t show your face

sarah milo says:

hehe ur so cute. thanks handsome 

Khadeeja Abdulla says:

i changed passcode turn simple passcode off its disabled

Partheepan Theepan says:

Well said my boy… so sweet… lol..

Jeffrey chen says:

thanks so much!!!

Xpro looper says:

Lill kid u did a good job but not a good job

Gabrielle Dollar says:


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