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How to fix a Dell Inspiron 7559 Laptop screen!

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I decided to make this video since my screen broke
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Earn Cryptomoney Dz says:

this is changing not fixinig -_-

Priyesh Chandra says:

From where u buy the screen

Emma and Jason says:

I was playing roblox on our computer while my parents left and the mouse hit the computer cause i got mad and yea but anyways thats sort of what happend to mine and im scared for when my parents come home

Albi Blaca says:

No way my laptop is the same place damage but no kind of this laptop do it works on other laptops

Okxylxcie says:

im really scared because i have a hp book 850 and i got it for xmas and i fell off my bed and it did this and i dont want to tell my mum

I have no idea how i ended up here says:

Well mine is a unisurf its different

I king Khan I says:

I got pissed off at fortnite and through my mouse at the screen I hope this works

InvalidProfile says:

Great video! Really going to help me with my 7559. Seems like a pretty simple repair… wish me luck! (also can you put a link somewhere to the ebay page where you bought the replacement screen?)

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