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How To Fix a Constantly Rebooting / Restarting Samsung Smartphone

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Common problem on Samsungs. Easy fix.

Most questions from the comments are answered below, feel free to comment with any comments or other questions ­čÖé
Tap the power button repeatedly with a little force (use a fingernail against the button, as you would tap your nail on a desk) that usually frees it from its stuck position.

If you took your battery out and your phone boots on its own when you put the battery back in (keeps resetting) without touching any buttons then the power button is indeed your issue. If not, it’s something else.

Unfortunately your button needs a darn good cleaning (taking your phone apart and cleaning the button with compressed air, denatured alcohol etc.) or needs replacement.

This video and description are to be done at your own risk. I am not responsible for any possible damages and am only here to help.
3/24/14 I’m very curious if my description above has helped anyone in addition to the video. Please mention this comment in the comments or “yes the description helped” etc., I’m also open to suggestions, thanks.


Jesse Willgruber says:

lol just smack the power button on my desk and it worked! unreal´╗┐

BELKACEMI Adnan says:

Hi everybody,
3 months with this pb, i try all things in the internet:
finaly i found the sol;
after installation OMEGA v50.1 all things ok, no restarts!

gabriel n says:

Owe you one big time! Fixed my phone! Props to you my man…´╗┐

Karen Smith says:

Blimey!! It worked!!! Thank you so much!!!! I was tearing my hair out and
stressed that I had bricked my phone. Thank you a billion!! ­čśÇ ´╗┐

veganath says:

Experiencing the same issue, without being conspiratorial THIS IS CALLED
PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, it’s the way companies ensure they get repeat
business if they are not creative enough to innovate better products,
millions of $$$$$ a year is spent on ensuring products fail after a certain
period of time´╗┐

solitude687 says:

yep…your right. fiddled with the power button a couple of times with my
nails and it did the trick. thanks for the vid´╗┐

Hassan ali says:

Its happening on my s3 right now am so pissed already deciding my next
phone ffs´╗┐

Uday Chinni says:

can u tell my sony xpreia go phone was not Booting Up? Keeps Rebooting? Not
turning on?
what to do bro´╗┐

Janani Srinivasan says:

I have the same problem with my S3, and I will definitely try this out, but
what if the power button seems to look fine on the phone? It is perfectly
in it’s place and not displaced or pushed in? ´╗┐

Alfonso Alaniz says:

thanks man i was a little worried when it started looping immediatly
searched youtube agant Thanks Alot!´╗┐

Tiramisumandeln says:

ROFL I’ve been reading these blogs with idiots talking about some 7
different programs you need to run to fix this, then I start watching big
lebowski, take a look at this and casually flick at my power button, and
voila my phone is fixed.´╗┐

Tomo Watts says:

Omg!!!!!! Thanks!!!just fix my phone!´╗┐

KF7FDB says:

Tapping didn’t work so I through it against the wall. Works fine now. ´╗┐

Nish Kuppu says:

You sir deserve a medal!!Thankkk you so much!´╗┐

Harry Catchpole says:

I recently fucked up my phone. I was rooted and had Twrp recovery
installed. I tried installing Cyanogenmod (the old, hard way. Now you can
just use the installer) but I did things in the wrong order. I tried
restoring one of my backups but it failed. I would try everything possible
to get my phone to work and everything would work about from booting into
the OS. I think android had been deleted or something. I had to pay to get
this fixed because I didn’t know how to do it myself. Does anyone know how
to delete everything on a Samsung galaxy S4 then reinstall everything and
have it all working again? If anyone does know please tell me. Thanks. ´╗┐

Aby Anjalise says:

Thanks a lot man! This worked for me!!´╗┐

Sitdown says:

Worked on my s2 thanks man I hit my power button with my finger repeatedly
then slammed the power button against a desk´╗┐

Abhishek Sebastian says:

wow man.. I never expected it to work.! But then it did! Thanks a lot.. I
was almost on the verge of factory resetting my phone..!!´╗┐

Goh Zong Huan Lester says:

Hey, I have dissembled my phone, plugged out all the circuit to dry etc
becos my phone dropped into a pail of water. It just keeps repeatedly
restart itself, still. Is there any solution for this? Manythanks in

Janani Srinivasan says:

okay, honestly, I though this wouldn’t work. and when it did, I was
genuinely surprised. This is really freaking cool. ´╗┐

Ray Plays MC says:

Could u do one on Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 inches. I need help/step by
step guide. I need someone to help me. If you are kind enough. Please.´╗┐

ALifeOfAshley says:

okay ive literally tried everything, still trying as i type this. Ive taken
it apart, ive cleaned it, ive pressed the stupid buttons, ive hooked it
into my computer….. AND IT CONTINUES TO FLASH! actually its no surprise,
it was fine when i started to charge it last night, then became stuck on
this loop. even plugged in its flashing.. Help me. ´╗┐

krisjanneman says:

before you do anything else: try a different battery…because in my case
it simply needed a new battery and it works as new.´╗┐

Faiz Fahmi says:

can create tutorial how to repaire???i already try took battery out from
the phone´╗┐

Kent C. Bostock says:

Great thanks! Reboots Eight times a day on a nearly new phone …. sure
enough the power button isn’t sitting right – didn’t see it with the case
on…. now to repair…..´╗┐

Audrey Reeve says:

I thought my phone was stuffed. I’m so glad I found your video it worked
brilliantly. Thank you for sharing that.´╗┐

CrunchyCookie08 says:

did it and worked! thanks dude.´╗┐

Amy Sam Gabriel Winchester says:

Didn’t work, but my phone’s kinda dead now anyways. I’m getting another
one, I think.´╗┐

Jay Reilly says:

I tried opening it up and using contact cleaner before I watched this,
which actually seemed to make it worse, but after watching this video,
tapping it hard with your nail to dislodge it seems to be the way forward.

Jack Lee Reapfield Puchong says:

it just happened to my S3 today … the flashing Samsung logo which doesn’t
go any further than that irriating flashing…and I tried everything until
I came across this clip & OMG it worked instantly! TQVM man for sharing!´╗┐

Swapnil Rai says:

Spot On!
I tried on everything from wiping to formatting. Didn’t think of this
obvious problem…..Thanx man!!´╗┐

JemStonerGal says:

what did you say? you tapped what? i couldnt understand what you said at

Ricardo Abreu says:

It seems like it worked for me too …thanks man you are my hero!!!´╗┐

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