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How to Fix a Computer

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I’m back! YAY

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Outro Song: Pure Gold 3 by Niklas Ahlström


Rifty says:

I can make videos again! Also youtube updated the outro links in the video. aand I already fucked em up. Next video they will be fixed! 😛

Davin Leonardo says:

why was oompaville was in the video

EternalFlames says:

that computer did nothing to you

Mr TOKz says:

Let's all remember

Thank you sunshine.

Danielle Beasley says:

Poor sunshine

Alec Desrosiers says:

The way you carried the dog tho……. hi rifty…..RIP DOG

Jack McCombie says:

Whenever u want to break things but u hesitate

Heather VonColln says:

By the music in the Background
it makes it sound like Sunshine actually died
lol (Damn…)

GoodORasberry says:

gentle throws everything because he can't afford a new one

Adam Kirsch says:

Rifty = HowToBasic

Adam Kirsch says:

lol the cheezits in the background


Is Sunshine rely gone? ??

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