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How to fix a computer that won’t start and gives 4 beep BIOS error code

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Well it is something you never want to happen your computer will not boot up. It tries to start up but just beeps at you and shuts off. What does it mean?

In this video I walk you though how to diagnosing what the issues is using my Dell XPS17. In the case of this video it was a RAM stick failure. As well as how to resolve the issue. I also end up dealing with a small side issue that pops up after fixing the RAM issue.

With any luck this video will help you if your computer has the same issue.

Amazon link for RAM: http://amzn.to/1FmawUQ (affiliate link)

Other Info:
This video was taken using a Vixia HF R400 with these settings;
Auto .mp4 @ 35mps


gtauter says:

Thank you a lot! Your video resurrect my dell) It's AMAZING!)

Weedwaker Central says:

Bruh if we didn't have a fuckin device other than the computer then we wouldn't be here dumbass

Megan Adams says:

Mine turns on and there is a lot of apps on here and I don't how to get them off and the mouse wouldn't work

neeraj kumar says:

I m using dell n5010 and having same issue but i m getting 4 beeps after 3.4 min not suddenly as in ur video. I also removed both ram then i gt 2 beep . So its ram issue??

Mrs A says:

mine loads and then after the loading screen it goes black but then the mouse appears and you can move it but that's about it. Can anyone help?

Jyotimoy Das says:

Thanx a lot…it also worked in my case..

anikanbounty97 says:

What if it the slot lol desktop computer

Steve says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. It helped me a lot.

Julio Kbm says:

but when the screen is on it stuck I tried to put a new software nothing works. and plus I cant press any button but when I plug it it goes on and does the screen stuck . but if I switched it off and on then it does 2 bip then another 2 bip so I don't understand please tell me what I can do.

Zach is the kkk says:

They both don't work

vikas meena says:

thanks it worked for me .Actually my lapy worked when I loosed screw lapy started .thanks a lot

Julio Kbm says:

when I switch on my pc it gives me a 4 beep do I have to change the ram or even the hard drive

Golden State Nation says:

I have a problem. My laptop only has 1 ram stick so I only want to replace 1. The thing is, I can't find the exact stick that my laptop originally had. Please Help !!!

Ather Ali says:

Thanks for posting this video. This helped me dignose problem with my dell studio 1555

xEclipticWolfx says:

Will anything happen if you only take out the bad RAM stick and keep the good one in without replacing the bad one?

Alicia Hernandez says:

Okay, not knowing much about laptops but, my Dell Inspiron 3520 is making a beeping sound as I turn it on and takes me to a system boot set up. How do I fix my problem?

Tanmay Doshi says:

thanks a lot. worked !!!!!

Saurabh Badhwar says:

thanks man u r awesome ?

FormerDrake 117 says:

mine has 7 beeps. what does that mean?

Sake pass says:

ty 🙂 i found out my 1 slot isnt working am kinda in a trouble cuz i have 2 4gbs of ram 🙁 and only 2 slots can help please

Ricky Davis says:

I see the problem is it is a dell lol

Aaron ___ says:

got to the point where I've check them individually, it then gives me one beep.

Tao Tao says:

its the motherboard issue for the T60, if anyone was after this. u'll need a replacement.

Huzaim Ahemad says:

your video was very helpful thank you

Rohan Chavda says:

i have ram slot problem… what to do ??

Matthew Walmsley says:

Thank you so much

berserklegion1 says:

dude you were my life saver, i thought the laptop was done, I checked the RAM and oNE of them was faulty, cheers mate

Sherin Sunny says:

Thanks man…! you saved my 1000bucks!

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