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How to fix a computer that won’t boot into Windows

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In this video I show ways to help fix a computer that won’t boot into Windows due to a BSOD, black screen, or other reasons! Hope this helps you guys out!


Mike Aldama says:

hello. mine actually says in the diagnostics that it probably has someth8ng to do with unidentified configuration something rather, what's that about?

Aquazier says:

Hi. First of all, I appreciate you for making this video. So I did the check disk command and apparently I had 0kb in the bad sectors which is good. Although, It didn't fix my problem. So I tried the system restore and I only have two system restore checkpoints. I tried 2 of them and non of it worked. My problem was a logfile.
Do you have any fix for this?? Because I think it's corrupted.

BunnyArtz says:

i have the same vista startup

Jon Nathaniel Abellana says:

what happens if your reformat your computer without a windows installation disk??

Kenneth Rattray says:

+electronicwiz1 What do you use to edit these video? MovieMaker?

Ethan TheGamer2001 says:

Windows 7 starter has the same startup screen as windows vista.


Reformatting always works

electronicnothing1 says:

Repair Pc use windows disk then go to repair your computer 2: Go to advanced. advanced again, then Command prompt then type these:
bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Stupid Skids says:

Mine still says the bsod pleasehelp

Stupid Skids says:

It says 0 Kb for me is that good?

David william says:

You are very useless is someone fingering you while shaking too much? Fool

IwillnotdownloadyourVIRUS keepyourVIRUSforPC says:

plz help my pc latley has had 2 of these issues the second time around i could not get it back to desktop and run normal again these problems happend after i downloaded diskdrill it is a restore recyclebin type software i tried to get a few delted files like mp3 music files and other wav files but all it did was mess up my computers hard drive please i need i am broke to go give my computer guy another 300 dollars i only had my pc for 5 months 🙁 can u tell me how to run what you ran in cmd to see what files and how much kb of bad files i have .?

Adi Satria says:

I can't even access the 'repair Windows' thing, it stuck at 'Preparing Automatic Repair' @_@

Btw, I use Win 10

Nom BoxOfOranges says:

my computer wont go past "windows is loading files" it stays fully loaded after 15 minutes. Am i being impatient and i should wait longer or is their a problem with my computer?

cooldog60 says:

All I can get on my dell is the boot menu.

M8 Tech says:

I can't run Startuprepair it's just black for ever
I tried with installation cd and it did not work either I unplugged the hdd and it worked from the cd but of course I can't fix it because the hdd is not plugged in please help.

Faze Snow says:

Hi I tried booting from a usb i get to the partition and it said ensure that the disk controller is enabled in the computer bios menu can u tell me how to

Patch Julia and Patch Daniel's Vlogs says:

so i have this laptop but has 198782 kb in bad sector!

Ryan Brooke says:

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ArchAngel 007 says:

u need to get a better cam cause u move to much..
less talk as well.. -_-

CASH Blast says:

I have a gate way fx

Gaming Tube says:

it did not work you asshole

aj kaulitz30 says:

how would you fix a netbook that wont boot up os.. i already format it many times. it wont boot up also on safe mode

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