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How To Fix A Computer That Doesnt Turn On

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In this tutorial we will troubleshoot common problems of a PC not turning on. We will test the power cable, power supply, motherboard, and power switch.

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LuisTutorialTV says:

What helpful video tutorials should I make next? Let me know!

Alaska Sights and Sounds says:

Good video, could you make one diagnosing a laptop motherboard with a
PC-express debug card?

Wilhelm Smit says:

Time waste video !! could tell you in 5 min whats wrong with no testers >22
years of IT experiance.

Ben LaDieu says:

for the power supply, couldn’t you just do the paper clip test? No need to
buy that power supply tester no?

atta boy says:

power outage here 12 hours then no power to comp after it went back on,
burnt out power supply I think, i’ll just throw it out the window fuck it

Prasanna Rohith says:

That helped me but my cpu is giving a sound like beeps and turns off and
when I turn it on it shut down within few seconds so can you tell me what
should I do. 

Filiberto Serna says:

Pretty cool video. Thanks!
I will be ordering a power supply tester + motherboard tester.

Thanks again! 

Muneeb aslam says:

I appreciate your concern towards tutorials about repairings… but if you
could add something like “noob friendly”, pros like us wont have to waste
time on it.. lolz

CreamHD says:

What happens is it comes on but it makes a static sounds and turns off help

Hermit says:

what if the -5v dont light up?

Evolution Gamers says:

What is problem when my screen turns off 3minutes after i starts pc… And
motherboard light turn off? 



Jakeeden Hazard says:

as soon as I turn on my computer it turns straight back off! 

Elric Emric VII says:

My PC won’t turn on at all replaced the psu today and nope won’t turn on.
Not sure if it’s my mother board or cpu 

Austin Kabrich says:

What if my all built in the computer

Atif Jamal says:

I turn on my computer laptop in excactly 11 secobds again it turn offff.

Andrew DeSollar says:

i have everything plugged in but my power supply wont turn on. i just built
this computer today and when i went to plug it in and start it up the fan
wouldnt even start to spin

ricardo mediano says:

50% of the time it’s the capacitors that are bad

Stay frosty says:

My computer it was fine for a little bit but I had 3 case fans running and
my gpu (Gtx 660) running in it but when I played Far cry 3 on it it
suddenly turned off the temperatures when I was playing was at 47 degrees
Celsius for the CPU and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the motherboard but it
turned off and won’t turn back on the Ethernet port light still works and
when I go to turn it on it flashes then turns off could anyone help?

Nestor Sierra says:

I got a 450W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply by SolidGear. After plugging in
the 24-pin connector, I tried plugging in the 8-pin but my motherboard only
had 4. Turns out I plugged in the wrong half and tried turning it on. Then
something inside my computer popped. Now when I try turning it on with the
right connector, nothing happens. I know Power Supplies are designed to
take all the electrical beating when something goes wrong, but I’m scared
anything else might have went bad. A55f-M4 motherboard. A8-3870K Black
edition processor. 1 SATA HDD and 1x4GB RAM. How do I know without getting
any testers? 

T Raw says:

So what do we do if the power supply is bad? 

Ryan Archie Gabiazon says:

Everything is fine…except for one thing…when i turn my cpu on it wont
work..and i can see a red light inside it…what is that?

Gaber Mraz says:

My computer works fine but when I connect my baracuda 7200.10 with costum
cooling fan then It just doesen’t turn on. I have a 400 W POWER SUPPLY
please help

AserGaming says:

when I turn on the pc the cpu works and I can hear the fans and everything
but nothing at all happens on the screen and the mouse laser doesn’t turn
on, what does that mean?

ArmyRangers1983 says:

What does it mean if it says 55:51? That code is not in the user guide.

Anthony Bruno says:

There is a light that stays on in my tower when I turn on my power. When I
try to tweak my system and lay the tower on its side, the power stays on,
but still no Posting, just blank screen. When I try the same thing in a
vertical position, the power runs for 30-34 seconds. That light I spoke
about stays on until I turn the power off. Is this a sign of a bad P S? If
it runs while its on its side, should i move my monitor to it and connect
it to see if I get the BIOS. BTW, no beeps great video but get a
flashlight LOL

Ben Schmidt says:

My computer turns on but it shows a black screen with red and green words
that say no signal 

Anthony Bruno says:

Your video was a sight for sore eyes…i wish you had some kind of light to
go along with your excellent video description.

Marjun Ravanes says:

Sir, in my case… My computer ON but my LED HDD activity doesn’t work /
light on.
Monitor on standby.

ArmyRangers1983 says:

Wow thank you got the power supply tester in the mail. Turns out it was

Alexander Abarca says:

my pc doesnt turn on but the light inside does idk what is causing it to
not turn on! any help?

ArmyRangers1983 says:

Ok I actually just got the power supply tester in the mail.

makeupforever261 says:

My power supply is working and everything but I computer just won’t turn on
at all no lights sound or anything 

Ariel Jabines says:

Pls help! My computer turns on and after 2-30 minutes or 1 hour it turns

Kalin Grigorov says:

Thanks it was my sucky cable I got a new one for 4 bucks and wala.

Elvis štempihar says:

i have the same problem pc start on and off then i cannot start him
up…but light on motherboard still light so i just replace power suply
and now my computer works ..is one chip on power suply i dont know which
because it goes on short-circuit .. i am not an elektric so i dont know
whats wrong with power suply…i just tested with another power suply
which i have him in another pc about 7 years and i put him in these pc
and work so i know that is power suply bad and need a new one :D

Sam Martial Arts says:

thank you sir

T Raw says:

So what do we do if the power supply is bad? 

Ariel Jabines says:

Pls help! My computer turns on and after 2-30 minutes or 1 hour it turns

zenwahine2 says:

Eh dis bugga stay from Hawaii?? Sound like. Thanks for this, I going try

Techno Toby says:

when i turn on mine nothing works like fans dont spin and no lights but my
video card asus 7850 is blinking a green light

xtrasafeful says:

!!!-5 volt is not standard anymore!!!

passover38 says:

I have a HP Pavilion Slimline. I had my computer shutdown when our lights
went out due to inclement weather. I haven’t been able to get the computer
to come back on. I have a green steady light that’s on the back of the
computer that’s on. I purchased a new power cord and surge protector and my
computer still isn’t coming on. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

mrfunnier34 says:

nice tips

vassup142 says:

I have a problem my pc just wont even turn on sometimes its an intermitent
problem I have a gaming pc it was a present and my parents dont trust me
with following the steps so I sent it to my local shop and they turned it
on and off and said it was fine amd I get it back it works for a few weeks
and then its on and off with working need help

Megadoomable says:

My Gateway M-Series doesn’t turn on nor light up at all, I charged it, no
battery indication… Is it my power supply or motherboard?

vassup142 says:

I have a problem my pc just wont even turn on sometimes its an intermitent
problem I have a gaming pc it was a present and my parents dont trust me
with following the steps so I sent it to my local shop and they turned it
on and off and said it was fine amd I get it back it works for a few weeks
and then its on and off with working need help

Mike Thick Shaft says:

The first thing you should do is shake the power cable viciously to unplug

Tipper Lewis says:

Amazingly helpful, thank you!

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