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How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen Arm Hinge (HP) BODGE

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Today I had a new challenge to fix a loose laptop screen arm, what happened next shocked me! Watch as I show you how I take the laptop apart and fix what I could with the resources available to me. As always guys, thanks for watching so please like and subscribe to me, cheers dudes! Don’t forget to share this if you found it great to watch and useful to you, see you next time Jake ๐Ÿ™‚ Facebook Page Here: https://www.facebook.com/jakebillingonyoutube/


mrblookes says:

wonderful tutorial but im much too afraid to do… any of this

pk pulse fall says:

Good day Jake. I really appreciate your video, as it informed me a lot how to actually do maintenance on my laptop without breaking it into smitherines! However, the problem that I am having with my laptop is a bit different than the problem presented in the video. Basically, the plastic hinges on the right part of my laptop broke completely off, and now the right side of the monitor is just slanting. i guess you could understand my problem a bit better if I showed you pictures, so can we communicate with each other? Most preferably through gmail?
Thank you Jake.

MechaTerryNutkins says:

Don't use hot glue for this, it's useless and will fail quickly. An ABS friendly resin (JB Weld or similar) is needed, encase the plastic around the screw hole as much as the surrounding components will allow and clamp it.
HPs also use the force of the screws holding the bottom case and palmrest together to reinforce the hinge so be really careful when dismantling the laptop. I have to do this fix on HPs every week, the smaller ones are ok but the 15" and bigger are terrible. The regular base screws also do this, just poor design.

PlumpCh1cken says:

ive tried doing this but the connectors that the screws go into arent even glued to the keyboard anymore so they just sit there holding nothng together

Mark Bianchi says:

Finally! Someone who's doing this job properly rather than showing a short snippet of how they fixed something! Thanks!

Sumona Roy says:

hi jake billing. My hp laptop hinge is broken.im in kolkata.I need the hp laptop repair in kolkata, plz help me about this.

GD [Green bandana boy] says:


Michael Bush says:

im about to go into my case tomorrow with binary epoxy rated to 3300 psi and a 25watt soldering iron to melt the nuts into the housing again to remake the threading. wish me luck! either one of these should work, but both should be overkill! =) FK HP!

jorgeasl1 says:

Hot Glue? wow, what a crappy repair.

Abhishek gurjar says:

hyy broo can this Broken Hinge Damge The Display Cable My display is not working

Kashif Minhaj says:

Thanks man. I was able to fix the hinge with the same problem. But my laptop isn't turning on now. I've checked the power button ribbon cable and it seems to be fine. Can you please help?

Prashant Prajapati says:

can you send me one laptop LCD screen?

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