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How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge – The easy way :)

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How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge, our case – hp laptop


soloalpinist says:

Is this just a standard glue stick or something stronger?

mppaiges says:

ps, did not know you fix cellphone. I have Motorola Moto G3 3rd generation, wonderful phone, about 5 months ago earpiece not so good anymore, have to use speakerphone. Then I notice a little bit of screen burn in…but still worked except for earpiece. Then two days ago I power full, turn on , it shows the login screen , a big M doing stuff while it loads up, but then screen goes black. I see the burn in part with a bit of light coming through so the phone is on, takes full charge, but watched every video did every trick, did not work. Perhaps you have a video about screens going black but phone still works however if I cannot see desktop on phone, then I cannot find contacts and make a phone call. I watched one video that said it was the motherboard maybe some light failed and could not light up whole screen, another video said take totally apart and replace with new battery (it does get a bit hot) , but I do not know anything about fixing cell phones, however I can follow any instructions so if you have a video of this or if you have any thoughts, I will send you my email and maybe you could help. I cannot afford a new phone right now. Thank you for latch video and hope I learn what is wrong with phone so I can fix it…Glen

mppaiges says:

I cannot express my gratitude enough. I have 17" version HP m7-j020dx. Great latptop..But left hinge, the hinge is still attached but when you open it if you don't hold the back with fingers, the silver top with keyboard separates from the top, so I have to buy new hinge (five dollars US), take bottom of hinge replace original bottom and then I can do what you just did. I thought I was going to lose this wonderful laptop, watched many videos they do sort of same thing but make it so hard, slow and complicated. You take all the mystery out and make it fun which it should be. Ordering hinge and glue next week, will send you a very warm thank you and hug for telling me '"easy fiix" every other video says " very hard complex fix", I am so grateful to you, if it wouldn't cost so much in shipping I would pay you to do it but good for me to keep learning. Thank you subscribing and I fix about 5 desktops a week, if customer is family I know and very very poor, I do not charge them must have compassion, maybe in a few months watching you I can also start fixing laptops, but this is my own and I am loving it, still works great but needs to be solid again. Thank you, will write again soon.

Milind More says:

Wow you just saved my money. Thanks for that video.That was very impressive. I am going to watch your other videos too.

steve perry biggest fan 1987 says:

can you use duct tape to fix the hinge on macbook pro

B. says:

top tier channel I'm glad I found it

OG Lima says:

Hello. Please, put (make available) caption in Portuguese. Thanks.

willem janssen says:

hello Sir, this is a verry remarkeble repair. i looked 2 times at this video an i love it.
you are a verry good craftsman, a man who loves his job, A man who knows how to help himself and shows others how to do it. thank you for charing your knowlege.
now i am gonna repair the hinge of my laptop and i wil tell you if i dit a good job.
god bles you and your family.
i subscribet:

Carbon Daniel says:

WHAAAAAT ???? =]]]] , that owner are insane

Joseph Cauchi says:

what is the charge for a repair like this?

Chanaka Naleen says:

Tell us , At what time do you come online lesson ,, then we can join with you, please tell the time as GMT , i'm from sri lanka, Thanks


its jst look like nothing is broken


sir hot glue is ok but after some times it will brk. i hv some better solution for this typ of problems i will send you some pictures in your mail. its my own technique

Abhay Joshi says:

what glue stick did u use sir. make and where is it available online

Seamus Gorman says:

Jeez Sorin, that is an impressive repair considering how bad the hinge was to start with, i have previously used Gorilla Glue which has worked well but the repair takes ages to set and you have to be careful with the glue as it expands quiet a lot, you really need to clamp the hinges which can be a problem some times, i will try hot glue the next time, if it works out as well as yours i'll be well pleased. I'm looking forward to your live stream, can you please inform us in advance as to when you'll be doing it, really appreciate all the great videos & advice you share with us, its invaluable. Thank you

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