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How to fix a broken iPad, Smartphone screen

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Considering our reliance on smartphones and tablets, and their susceptibility to being cracked, it’s surprising there hasn’t been more of an outcry over why they are so difficult to fix.

I was crest-fallen when my iPad 2 fell on to a hard floor and the screen smashed so one day I tweeted idly asking whether I could fix it myself.

There it would have ended, except one of my followers tweeted me a link to a screen replacement kit for £15 – much less than the £200 I was quoted at the Apple Store.

I clicked, bought the replacement screen then realised I had committed to a mission to fix my own iPad.

So I visited iFixit.com – a crowdsourced website packed with tutorials on how to fix equipment.

The guide to how to fix an iPad 2 looked well laid out, but complicated and intricate. It was rated “very difficult”.

But I was determined that that wouldn’t deter me.

I’d spent £15 after all. Further research revealed tales of broken glass and an almost certain guarantee of breaking something. Not exactly encouraging.

My next port of call was the Restart Project – a group of volunteers who give amateurs advice on how to extend the life of their gadgets.


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