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How To Fix A Broken iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation Screen!

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In today’s video we repair a broken iPad 3rd generation screen. This was a long 2 hour process but worth every minute 😀 Please share and like this video!

Replacement Screen Link –

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S PY says:

My ipad 2 cracked and fell on it’s corner so now the corner is slightly
bent in. Do you think it’s possible to still repair it myself in the
similar way that you did?

DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld) says:

+Sharde Alford The iPad recovered perfectly 🙂 I am loving communicating
with fans via Google + but people don’t want a more complicated commenting
system :/

DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld) says:

+Joel Ibarra It was quite a mission getting the old screen off. Hopefully
they will improve the system as time goes on :(

Jeffrey Yan says:


DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld) says:

Sorry about the delay with videos! I have one final exam this Wednesday and
then I will have regular videos coming to you guys 😀 Please show this
video some support with a like, comment, and some love on Google +. +Sharde
Alford +Hiba Riyad +EpicEpix +Ethan Buccelli +spctator63 +Sara G ^_^ +
3756joey +BoxDesire +ghassan alsaleh +gadgetgal38 !!!

Joel Ibarra says:

Poor iPad this commenting system does not seem like a good change at all
but that’s my opinion. 

Keiran Lewis says:

That helped me because i have alot of broken thing thanks 

TheBritishTiTan says:

Great video and I love that you always reply to comments!

EpicEpix says:

Hmm, break the iPad screen even more to replace it? That’s AWESOME! LOL…

I also like how you reply to like all the comments! Every comment I seen so
far has been replied to! You’re really interactive with your viewers and
it’s awesome! 🙂

I also don’t like the new commenting system with Google+. New users might
be confused :o

ghassan alsaleh says:

well done

Sharde Alford says:

OMG poor baby I can’t watch it just hurts me

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

Google + is shite….

gadgetgal38 says:

Well done!

DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld) says:

How To Fix A Broken iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation Screen!

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