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How to: Fix a broken front panel on your iPad 2 or iPad 3

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Bill Detwiler shows you how to replace a cracked front panel on the iPad 2 or iPad 3.


Wareh says:

My ipad fell yesterday and it has a hugee crack! But the touch and
everything is working perfectly, do I need to only change the glass thingy
or buy a new screen with a LCD btw I have an ipad 4 with retnal display 

Harry Cornwell says:

I failed

Henry Huynh says:

You motherfucker u talk to much

Julia Nazarchuk says:

I followed this tutorial and my iPad does not turn on.

M̶ɪ̶ᴀ̶ᴏ̶ᴡ̶ ̶ᴍ̶ɪ̶ᴀ̶ᴏ̶ᴡ̶ Wooz says:

It works! Thank you!

essa tsobh says:


Flora Flower says:

Does replacing the screen auto update and delete your app and photos

To Infinity_And Beyond says:

Woah, I’m not trying that tho. I rather live with it than damage it

Pete Munson says:

Good video, I’ll fix a friends one now and charge him £120 because he was
told it would be £160 buy a shop.

jbserra says:

This mentioned the wifi antenna needing to be worked carefully around, but
more details would’ve been appreciated…

Make sure you peak under that corner and attempt to unpeel the antenna from
the digitizer before pulling it back too far. I’m not even sure how
possible that is because it’s pretty much a sticker. If you have a trick
for doing this, please share! Otherwise the wire will split and hopefully
some rework will resolve this new issue.

Oh, and if your digitizer isn’t broken when you start, most likely it will
be by the time you’re done unless you have zenlike patience (perhaps why
this is rated as “advanced”). Having a screen protector helps keep the
broken digitizer together as you try to remove it.

Isaiah Tavao says:

i was playing on my ipad 2 one time till this kid was play fighting with
this other kid and hit into me, my ipad got smacked out of my hands and
landed on concrete, my ipad 2 has no cracks but just a black screen,
everything still works, i have played around with it and i can get into my
apps but i can’t see anything on the screen ? need help asap, havent used
my ipad for 5 months now, any luck or way that it could be fixed ?

Shaun Pearson says:

May I suggest sending the kids out to play due to the frequent & vehement
swearing that will ensue?

Frank Conrad says:

150 dollars!!?? I just looked on ebay and they’re like 20-25 bucks! Where
the hell did he get his for 150?

Shahad Albawardi says:


dynamiteblowz says:

Where can I get adhesive strips for the ipad?!?

revell devil101 says:

Ont go to a shop unless you know that they do a good job because when I got
mine done at a shop the front panel is now easy to just come off with a
small drop

Michael Redfern says:

thanks for the info on the volume tape that is located by the volume

if you go to deep (just like the wireless, it gets cut!!!!!!

you’re stupid!!!

blake davison says:

Am I the only one who just watched this video for the heck of it? I don’t
even have ipad… :P

ابو حبحب المتحبحب says:

no need glue for new screen digitizer??

Popkorn Kernal says:

Thank you so much. This really helped because the crack I have is now
starting to bug me and I’ve only had it for a day.

Kaleb Blanchard says:

My iPad is crackd will I watch your video

da boss says:

yes just fix my mums ipad 2 thx dude awesome video

Serqio Enzo says:

Looks easy but very hard to do fix i recommended take to professional a
repair store or Apple 

Boyinleath says:

Im a Little comfused, i began removing the front panel from my iPad when it
started displaying the apple logo you get when you turn your iPad on. After
a few seconds The screen goes black and then it starts again. Why could
that be? 

RTA07 says:

my ipad sorta broke just now so uh…. yeah…. .-. this vid can hlep

Paula Murison says:

the replacement screen that I bought has plastic on front and back, does
the backside plastic need to come off?

tony banderas says:

i found a front panel and tools for 14 dollars

Jerrion Wilkerson says:

Where can you buy the tools from

Lisvette Cordero says:
GeNeRaLiSsImO TANKI says:

you are the best thanks :*

Lads Gaming Channel says:

i paid 25 for my screen

Allbbrz says:

One trick that you all should learn is to get packing tape and tape the
entire broken panel so you wont get glass shards all over. And it also
makes the thing more easy to handle.
Nice video.

عبد الله KSA says:


BrofesterZ MalejanaXD says:

its works :3 TY

grace zuniega says:

May 11my iPad is been flip in the window

Aaron Reid says:

Thanx mate. You made a hard job much easier for me!!! Thumbs up!

abd shalabi says:

this video made me money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Wong says:

Great and useful!!

sef mohmmed says:

you carzy

Richard Edmonds says:

Don’t suppose u know anything that can cover scratches on the back of my
iPad ?????? :)

J Rod says:

Nice video.. very clear 

Smilla Larsson says:

Nice! I dropped my iPad 2 and it works 🙂 thank you so much :)

elsa mengistu says:

Does it work for the ipad mini

Minecraft bros says:

cool :)

grdk1 says:

I wont do it myself
I don’t have the confidence
However i now know, thanks to you, what others should be doing!

pivotcat9 says:

How to kill my cousin in Morocco????

Destiny Ramos says:

Would you fix it for anybody if so how much will it cost?

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