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How To Fix A Broken Computer Screen (Gadget Girl)

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Ever crack that beautiful computer screen and wondered how to fix a broken computer screen? We have, and it sucks. In this episode of Gadget Girl, Amber explains all the options for restoring that gaming mega-beast computer screen back to its original self. The Doctor is in.

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Gadget Girl is a Bi-Weekly Tech and Gadget show featuring the latest news, break throughs, and all things awesome. The show stars Amber Lee (Obama Girl), our resident gadget nerd.


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BatmanActionFigureFilms says:

I punched the screen

hellsjester1 says:

or here is a thought. don’t get a mac cause they are shysters. i literally
broke my lappy screen the day after the year warranty and asked what they
could do for my compy the manufacturer said they would replace and fix it
for under 200$. moral of the story buy pc and this shit wont happen 

CcETV says:

My side of my laptop cracked open, we got that fixed, but that caused the
screen to crack, so if I drop it a tiny bit it cracks more it’s annoying.
And I can get a screen replacement, for 400 dollars. I’m not spending 100
on this.

Dan Oosthuizen says:

Six. Hundred. Dollars?

TheBlackRaven says:

I was playing cod ghost and my controller dropped out of my hand and landed
on top of my computer which was on the ground and now there’s a dent
outside and the inside shows the crack and the thing is its a beats
pavilion laptop I had cuz I made music beats nothing special and now I
don’t know what to do cuz the screen is white and blue and a lot of black
lines like its cracked inside

Mike Enriquez says:

I hit the screen with my car

Steel dragon8 says:

i threw my mouse at it…

Gary Brensike says:

looking for aspire z5600/z5610 how to replace screen.

Rita purnaningsih says:


Empep12 says:

there are two straight vertical cracks in my screen, I can’t see them
unless there’s a fullscreen video but it’s very annoying.

Killer Gamerz says:

You can use team viewer 9 and use it on ur phone

Gianluigi Paganotti says:

a heavy 50 lighter hit me on the head and dented my screen :(

Mr.SharkymanProject says:

my computer got ran over by a car

NekoUkeBoi says:

Mines just a small crack. Not even on the inside, and it hasn’t done any
damage to the pixels.. I guess I gotta be careful..

LovelyBones Show says:


dj pon 3 says:

I broke it inside

KemoKa77 says:

you could have saved us two minutes and said: Replace it.

Saulo Carruso says:

Nice tits

Rainbow Stalker says:

@ 1:10 that computer doctors logo XD

AdaraVA says:

Do you need to have a certain type of LCD replacement for your computer? I
have a Windows 7 Lenovo IdeaPad, and I haven’t been able to find an LCD
replacement specific for my computer…

Travis emosi says:

I wasnt even Paying attention to the vid more on the cute face ;)

Mark Crysler Baddo says:

? ?

Rocco Alexander says:

i found the tiniest scratch on my alienwarescreen and instantly came here

GadgetGirlShow says:

@sticksville Gadget Girl Tip: when approaching the Genius Bar for a repair,
always come equipped with a cupcake and a smile. Seriously, it works at
Tech Serve 🙂

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