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How to diagnose any computer issue AKA Computer Repair 101

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Follow this step by step process and mentality and you can diagnose and pinpoint whatever issue you have with your computer.

Diagnosing computer issues consists of three things. Learning the history to the issue, cutting the possible issues in half, and intuition or experience however you want to call it.

Using these three together you will fix any issue with your computer, or at least pinpoint where the issue is.


sweetlunacy says:

Wonderfully easy and clear to understand! I love the logic of the
diagnostic common sense. The “50%” rule is a wonderful way to break down
the diagnostic procedure. Thank you! English for the novice. Woo Hoo

Curvey Chrissy says:

Yea I agree with you most of the time the mother mood could have been
fired. People that take their computer apart don’t take the proper steps if
preparing yourself . He could have fired the computer from the static of
his hands. My sister normally wear static protective equipment not sure
what that is called but it helps with saving the motherboard.

Ryan Johnson says:

Computer not starting? running slow? in 2 days i guarantee to have it
solved! with an easy step by step walk through for you to fix it.

hakersification says:

Hey man, nice video ! Can I have your e-mail ? I would like to ask some
questions. Thanks!

Avo Kupelian says:

Easiest thing is to remove everything except video processor board and RAM,
if it doesn’t boot, reseat the processor so that the board looses any
settings that may have gotten corrupted. If it boots, start connecting
parts one by one and BAM. Solved 🙂

DefconComputers says:

Thanks, I’ll add a notation in somewhere about that. Hard to cover
everything in that 10 min window.

coolcar77 says:

I NEED SOME HELP!! the only way to get my computer to boot is using this
way using a paperclip to connect the green wire on my powersuply atx 24 pin
connector to a groun on the connector to get my powersuply to start how do
i get my computer to start by itself ie what is wrong with my motherboard
so what can i do no matter what i do the power button i have switched the
mother bord signel has stoped working what can i do

icececedor1 says:

After loading xp I get a blue screen with an error of atidvai on it what
does this mean?

Mia Müller says:

not too bad, the person does not know how to wire a computer case, its
looks like spaghetti junction car crash, dude should stick to buying
already built pc’s

Dave86413 says:


DefconComputers says:

@icececedor1 Without doing any research on that, based on the “atidvai” I
would suspect the graphics card drivers, or the card itself are damaged or
corrupt. Try booting up in safemode, if that works then install a new set
of drivers. If not (or the drivers fail) take a look at the physical
graphics card and see if you can spot any blown capacitors on the board,
and try reseating the graphics card.

DFresh892001 says:

Was it plugged in? Lol

vorkev1 says:

rember to check all compasiters thay do blow if thay look bad or bloted
thay are bad. and motherboards are cheep and so are cpus .

HelmetVanga says:

@KoyoTea how do u do it that fast in 5 min??? would like to hear it

DefconComputers says:

@09fod A bit hard to explain what burnt electronics smell like, when it
happens. It’s been awhile, but I don’t remember any burnt spots on this
board. I think it was just a zap from the customer fiddling with it. But I
have seen where the board gets burn spots, and sometimes burns the case as
well. Those are easy to diagnose.

Stephen Soliven says:

hey man! can you help me with my pc? the problem is my pc turns on but
after a few minutes it will suddenly turn off by itself but the thing is
the cpu fan psu and all are still turning and on? but the monitor show
nothing. even if i restart it and enter the bios the video will suddenly
disappear. I overclock my cpu quite some time like 4 months before this
happens I even reset the cmos. but I still got the same problem plss help
me thnx in advance

Maxwell Livingstone says:

@DefconComputers can you please do a video for me plaese i don’t have my
computer please it deos’nt work anymore

DefconComputers says:

@livinmax There is a group of pins for the power switch, power light, and
reset button. Very often the power switch leads are right beside or across
from the reset button leads, so that might help you. Hard to say without
seeing it.

jweishampel says:

To the one who spelled spelt wrong. lmao. jk 😉

Yippykaiyay says:

Why the hell would someone transplant a PC, if they wouldn’t even know how
to fix it if something happen.

dellson21 says:

thanks man this helped lots 😛 5/5

DefconComputers says:

@pvanberkum If you know so much why are you watching this video.

Joy M says:


Nightfallproducer says:

psu works hhhmmmmmmmmm mostly, love it 😛

TheGamerzUK says:

My computer turns on for about 1 second after pressing the standby button,
then i turns straight off! All the fans and the fan on the graphics card
and cpu work but it all shuts down after one second of turning on. Help me
please, i think theres a failure somewhere but i cant find out because it
doesnt stay turned on long enough!! But i has a light on the motherboard
its green, so i dont know if it was burnt out it wouldnt be able to get
throught right?? I think it might be the power but idk

DefconComputers says:

I’ve done computer repair for about 20 years now. This process of
diagnosing is the best way to pinpoint a problem, and alot of new people
starting never learn this and replace parts at random.

Loshatube says:

@XanALaOM00 why not check stand up screws that mobo goes on. 🙂

bobbysam232 says:

sub’d :D!

iaagg says:

No, in my humble opinion the power supply is spiking (reading a short in
the circuit and shutting off) because of a short on a standoff or some
other metal to board connection under the board. The fan just turning for a
second and stopping is the clue you needed to pay attention to.

Basic Computer Help says:

@pvanberkum Watching this video, and as a computer repair tech myself, He
did everything right. I only have a issue with his title of the video.

Michael Graham says:

bad caps?

0000kaymi says:

u didnt mention to try reseting cmos set up

Adam Carranza says:

how the ram

m. karns says:

YOur wasting all your time, try another power supply first, because yoru
main problem you already know has to do with no power! then rip everything
off the board and start plugging them back and trying it each time.much
much faster. then you know everything is plugged in right because you did
it. i would never waste my time messing with other peoples builds. same
with installing a car radio if they already touched it dont ask me to fix
it your mess.

ProfessorMatrix says:

Sounds like someone may have shorted the board.

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