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How to Check Not charging Laptop Repair (Chip Level).eng

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sajid mahajan says:

Sir my laptop dell latitude e6440 won't on if I connect charger and battery together

Зёма Боошшккаа says:

ништяк, но что пиздит не понятно . Отлично

Sk Zobayer says:

Thank you so Much Sir, i am from Thousand kilometer from you , write you

Aravind Hari says:

my number 8096154858
please inform me sir

Aravind Hari says:

sir any training classes is available with you…?

Ibrahim Kandeh Turay says:

Thanks so much God bless you Sir

awe Taiwo says:

thank you so much for this, but where can I download that type of schematic from., pls tell me

Dalee Bor says:

I cant understand a word! Could you speak slower please?!

Bad english

uwe deutschland says:

SCHEIß intro mach das leiser und lauter Reden

sakariya yusuff says:

plss i av dell inspirion N5040 plugin not charging problem pls how do i fix it

JohnnyJim J says:

Excellent explanation, it confirms my diagnosis why my laptop, after suddenly causing extremely slow battery charging and causing random bluescreens during 3D rendering, suddenly stopped powering the laptop altogether : the output MOSFETs failed, first one, causing reduced power output, then the second, stopping adapter power altogether (U13 and U12 in your video).

Vijay Vijay Kumar says:


Lou Johnson says:

Got 7 volts on the FET's gates. 19.4 volts in and out of the FETS. This Sony Vaio uses the Max4711 chip. What do you think? Thanks. Lou

The Gamer says:

My laptop's ic was not working so gave it in repair.The man replaced many Ic's but all shorted.Can u help me find out the reason for all Ic's to short after inserting it into the motherboard

Fabio Mancuso says:

I purchased an Asus original battery for my Asus X750JB-TY002H.
Since first use, I noticed that the battery has a 6% of wear and that charge/discharge rate starts to decrease when battery percentage reach 88%.
I report this to my seller who sent to another new.
The new battery has the same behavior of the first and a 6-8% of wear.
I want to know if it is normal that an original battery has already wear. Could it caused by some tests which the batterie are subjected before sale?
Could the problem be in the driver?
I'd like to know if this wear level will increase quickly or it could stabilise in future.
What is considered the normal behaviour and the normal wear level in long time?

Thank you

Sanjir Shishir says:

I am facing a great problem with my Fujitsu Lifebook AH 532 with it's charging problem. I thought the battery is dead, then I tried dozens of batteries but while connect the AC adapter it shows plugged in but not charging. I met the experts and they said it was not battery problem, neither the adapter but most probably the charge controller in motherboard is not working. He suggest me to replace the motherboard or that he might try to fix the charge controller with a risk of 80% of failure. Now what should I do. Please help me… please

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