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HOW TO: Apple iPad 2 disassembly / Screen replacement / Screen repair / Opening A1397 A1396 A1395

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# How to open an iPad 2 #
# How to replace the digitizer of an iPad 2 #
# How to repair the screen of an iPad 2 #
# How to disassemble an iPad 2 #

Other names for an iPad:

A1395 – Standard version (only WiFi) 16GB 32GB or 64GB
A1396 – WiFi + 3G GSM 16GB 32GB or 64GB
A1397 – WiFi + 3G CDMA 16GB 32GB or 64GB

What you need to Open:
– Heatgun (or something to preheat)
– Opening tool (or something made of hard PVC)
– A cutter knife or cutter blade
– Lots of endurance

Be carefull with the logicboard / mainboard! If you break the connectors, there is no option to fix them!

Also you can replace the battery or other parts and elements of your iPad 2

Try to keep the original home button of your iPad.

Be carefull when removing the WiFi antenna! It is pretty sensitive!

Model# of LCD:
– LTN097XL02-SL M1
– LP097X02-SL Q1

Audio removed because of CR


Rana Tarq says:

احن السناقر

djshysc89 says:

hey where you got that Desktop Anti-Static Mat?? and what type the heat gun you using thanks replied…

Fabio Ameida says:

Thanks for help but do you now what the name for this music?

William Lloyd-Roberts says:

You didn't show how it goes back together. Specifically the screen cover seal.

Melter Beltran says:

i replaced the screen and now it won't turn on…can though help

Bon Tan says:

Pls tell me the title of this music..tnx

Joe Ramsey says:

Its best to wear gloves too!!  Getting finger print marks off the LCD is a nightmare..

Conway Brown says:

Great video

hans peter says:

nice video and cool music^^

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