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How to 100% Fix Vertical Lines Laptop Screen

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Hello friends, today we have a new video on what to do if there were bars on the display if you have vertical or horizontal stripes on the screen, then you will need to wipe, easy pridavlivaniya, that’s just such a ball around the screen and stretch easily crushing left to right, from end to end where the strip and repeat these steps from the bottom up, and now the guys, you will need to take your laptop with both hands and the back of the press down a little bit, maybe gde-to chto-to departed, press down and hold tampons .
 If you do not help this method, then you will need to take, VGA, and connect via VGA to the monitor that you connect via cable to the monitor you see a normal picture and at the same time on the notebook display has bands, then it indicates that it can moved trail, or failure of the display, it means the problem is the laptop and not the graphics card if the driver can not reinstall it does not work, so we need a screwdriver, and remove the battery from the laptop, unscrew here such here plugs, remove the screws and slazhivaem on a magnet to keep lose,

So we remove the display itself, doing all this carefully, are now looking for where we connected the display plume is now snaps it and look at all whether he was OK, if he’s all OK, then need to simply clean it with an alcohol, and again connect it to his native place, collect all of this, still on top of his advice insulated tape to Nothing to do not fall, collect our laptop and let’s include it,
 Now as you can see no bands on the display, so if you guys were helpful and interesting to present video, please put the Huskies subscribe to my channel, repost this video is the biggest thanks, sorry for the transfer of voice, write more about what make a video?

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Robert McCoy says:

What the hell did I just watch.

Gunner Rads says:

It worked for me. Thanks


does this work with horzontal lines

Kevin Picton says:

press down and spin the tampons?

丅αcтιcαl Ƥlαη Sparer says:

all i did was just tap my screen and it was gone

matheus silva says:

I know the video is not well explained, but it has worked for me. Try to touch the base of your screen and see if something happens. Do it many times until find where the problem is located.

rajashekar bommaraveni says:

Swip from left to right side on the laptop screen for 6 times it's worked for me and suddenly i shoked that white line is gone.IT'S 100 % WORKING

LunaticLumar says:

when screenborder is removed its the new dell XPS, super this borders

Trashis Trash says:

Worked, thanks communism

KrAbY PaTtY iS DA WAE says:


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