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How I made a successful cell phone repair business!

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How I made a successful cell phone repair business and you can as well! www.tech-md.com please comment below and tell me what you like to see next.
You can buy replacement parts and repair tools at: http://www.etradesupply.com?acc=8c19f571e251e61cb8dd3612f26d5ecf


Mr. S_y says:

THANK U for make my passion back to do this …

isla jessica says:

Hi, This is Jessica from India.

We have some mobile repair websites which are specific to UK, US. Our websites are getting regular mobile repair leads that are specific to Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola. I am interested in selling leads to someone. If you are interested please let me know the price that you are willing to pay per lead. So that we can have a deal. No fake leads. Only genuine leads will be provided and only for one company it will be provided. The leads that are sold to you will not be given to another company. We are
interested in doing fair business. Awaiting for your response.

Thanks. Regards, Jessica

Elsa Roy royelsaOnEgmailCom says:

Hi, I just seen your video which was very encouraging for new business enthusiastic. How's the mobile phone repair business now in 2017 (U.K) as the parts getting very expensive.

Michael Melgar says:

Great talk. same here. i started also when I was 10 just self-learning, went to repair school at 15 for 2months, finished college @ 19. CP and PC repair is only a side business for me and its good for these days. it really helped me in college days. ive been a n instructor because of that. Ive got to agree with you, Ive made a lot of mistakes since teenagers before i learned things. Accidentally electrecuted and burned many times but still doing it now.

Waqas Ahmed says:

u just gave me quite a boost lol i would say to stick to the work I'm learning which is mobile repairing
thanks mate ?

JUAN M. DIAZ says:


George Toscano says:

Ive sen your videos man, great Job! There so helpful.

George Toscano says:

Dustin thank you for you time and this video. Youve inspired me and encouraged me . Thank you so much from the bottum of my hear and have a blessed one!!



Manny Fit says:

Hey been watching a few of your vids. Great stuff and nice work. I recently opened a mobile, cell phone repair service business. Im very experienced in the industry as far as repairs and refurbishing I actually have my own machines. I was interested in doing a workshop for people who where interested in learning repairs. Any way I can contact you?

charlie brownau says:

Gday , new to your chan. Great advice

charlie brownau says:

200 bucks a week rent for office is dirt cheap

ob1kenobi3000 says:

Hi there. I keep seeing dead Samsung Tab 2 10.1 inch tablets. They don't charge and I've tried EVERY forum tip and fix but it still won't work (power and volume button etc). There are 000s of dead Tab 2's for sale on eBay. Is this a known fault? Are they beyond repair?

Exo Kill Zombie says:


Exo Kill Zombie says:

can you fix my ps4

Tim Horan says:

Great video. The lessons learned you put into it makes it invaluable. I especially agree with your views on business partners and debt. Although I realize that cell phone repair is a big money maker, I am currently interested in creating a business in other areas, such as TVs, gaming systems, test equipment, audio equipment, etc. Any trends you're seeing (or hearing about) in these areas?

Rashaw Leggs says:

Interesting video

Pamela Brown says:

Oh i love it but the parts on your etrade link are so pricey to make any money from it it seems. Guess I shoulda watched the whole video first..

Kashif Siraj says:

hi there I am looking to start a Cell Phone Repair Business Could you please guide me thru the initial process. also, could you please tell me what kind of license os required to start a Cell Phone Repair business. thanks

Tanya Egeland says:

What kind of graphics chip does your laptop have? The reason I ask is because I had an ASUS Transformer Infinity Pad where the flash video would not work. I found out that it was because of the NVidia GPU chip. It was not compatible with Adobe. Adobe dropped support for the Flash Player on Android and certain chipsets. They have no intentions of updating it in the future. This may be the reason why your laptop is not working properly.

karthi palanisamy says:

hi i had a doubt that we can replace a iphone 6s or 6 camera to 5s !!!!!!

onkabonka says:

for someone thats looking to open their own repair business, do you think just starting with a reflow machine and a good soldering iron are satisfactory to start with, i work on any phone pretty much, from the replacement or ribbons on samsungs,Iphones ipads to replacing certain chips and charging ports.

Shawn Hair says:

what percentage of all your cellphone repairs are iphones compared to all other devices? whats your take on freezing screen repair process?

ganesh balla says:

your awesome man this video is very help full for me…

Lee Phoebe says:

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Zeaiclies says:

Have you done the Asus Zenfone 2 deluxe or the Zenfone 3 deluxe?

Zeaiclies says:

Check Go Cell Phone Repair on YouTube. They cover almost every device in some way.

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