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How Can I Diagnose and Fix a Dead Laptop :)

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How Can I Diagnose and Fix a Dead Laptop with basic knowledge, our case – Hp pavilion G6-2210sa


xose1984 says:

hi, i dont understand one thing, if the transistor was short why do not change it and you look for other components if they short to ground?

hasni khaled says:

I really liked this video, ive heard this methode from a technician friend and i thought it was risky, thanks for the video, i just want to know what power supply model u use, and the flux brand, thanks a lot buddy! one other question, what if the capcitor burnss as u increase ampere, and dont become short anymore, dont u think its risky on the motherboard?


hey can you show up what components get damaged by a USB Killer ( laptop or a phone) . the usb killer send a very high current to the motherboard.

tryto guesss says:

Also i have pulse switch between power supply and load, it makes much easier to locate the short !

tryto guesss says:

i remember when i started doing this repair stuff all the problems were so simple and in the start of the rails, also many coldjoints and nothing serious. When i could understand the basics then came problems with mcu, clock circuit and so on. lol

Fernando Salas says:

dude your awesome I have taken my laptop to two techs and say there is a short need new motherboard, but I see you looking to fix short this is where best do and mediocre don't do so they lose business. I like people that go the extra mile or do what somebody else said can't be done nice job ACE!. I AM gonna have to fix my laptop by myself thanks.

Ibrahim Fariat says:

I just discovered your channel, your explanations are very good, thanks for sharing the knowledge, subscribed.

J AX says:

Hello! I'm telling you I've never seen anything like that, I was given a model for Samsung R530 bremen-l3 rev 1.0 for a laptop that pretty much starts the mobo but nothing appears on the screen completely off you hear the fan runs a lot and the touchpad LED lights up all when they have to go off .. they were made by me:

Fan cleaning

Heat pumps change

Replacing ram counters

Connecting the external monitor to see if it was a problem with the video card

Replace 3 MOSFETs because they were obsolete ..

The result is always the same.

I kindly ask you a help to solve the problem thank you!

pei broker says:

always interesting, thank you …

Ajith Sunder says:

Hello Sir, I have Acer v3-575g laptop with motherboard problem. When given for service I was told to replace the motherboard as there was chipset short and so the cannot fix. Is it true that motherboard need to be replaced for chipset short.

Kollol Alam says:

I tried to clean my fan. when I was tring something was burned. after that hdd and odd not working. how to fix this. laptop Hp pavilion g7

Kollol Alam says:

You such a nice person.

darky logy says:

excellent job master. btw, what fluid used to check it?

Qais Aryan says:

i am working in work shop in some problums coming in mother boards i want to help me about that

Qais Aryan says:

hi sir do u have any contact number

Freeman Rolle says:

bro you make things look really easy you are a very cool guy bro

Yoan Gutierrez Morales says:

Could you please explain me how you put the 4 ohms to See what is getting hoy. Thanks.

Macoy Espiritu says:

hi, sir. good day.. can i ask some question about to my laptop problem..acer 473. when press power switch. it will start for about second and then turn off. i trace all component no short at voltage19v and 3.3v present. what the possible problem of my laptop. do you think its. video chipset. or bios problem.hope you can help me sir. thank you very much sir. ive learn more from all your videos. sorry for my english. by the way im from phils,manila.. godbless sir..

john a says:

How is it you can remove the faulty capacitor and then say it's not needed ? I have to ask that with the capacitor removed, then isn't there more loading on the other capacitors / components ???? in essence If the Laptop was designed to work on 2 capacitors rather than 3, then why put 3 in ? I don't see how removing and putting back together makes it all OK ?

Drey Jay says:

i have not even watched the video but i just press the like button coz i know that you are about to show your level of genius at it peak ……great job boss

Watana Samart says:

great video explanation i have ever seen, thank you so much and i will follow you more and more

Jose Paolo Castillon Del MAR says:

Hi sir. If you found a ceramic capacitor which is short on both ends, automatically it is the fault? You have to replace it or just take it out? Thank you.

Jose Paolo Castillon Del MAR says:

Hi sir. Thank you for teaching us your way of doing things. I have a question. What if I do not have an equipment to increase the amperes to find the faulty one which will become hot? Can I short the second mosfet then plug the power cord and the faulty one will then get hot? Thank you.

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