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Hostile Takeover of Rossmann Repair Group by iPad Rehab

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Michael Kenefick says:

You have too much front lighting. I have seen this in a few of your videos. Maybe have more back lighting.

Or are you more pasty than me?

Barredowl001 says:

$30. for a burrito, yikes! 🌯

Mobile Maniacs says:

hahaha too funny Jessa

ypey1 says:

This is goin lawsuit babe!

shahid khan says:

you talk too much

Evil Low says:

I think you and louis should open a store housing both of you for a 1 location apple repair

Ethan Chow says:

The first phone was for data? Looks like you ripped some pads

Mike says:

Screw Rossman and his single channel FX-951!

Rodrigo Maero says:

I love you calm voice when explaining a difficult topic. You clearly have a nack for teaching!

Rik van der Mark says:

I like your calm and level headed communication, even after a long day.
The green screen is really cool by the way 🙂

Also feel I should apologize for my Dr Wagegap comment on Louis's last stream. Kinda feel I'm intruding in a trolling thing between you and Louis. Don't want to stoop to easy pot shots / trolling so to say.
Keep up the great work!

Philippe Benjamin Rymann says:

no winking? this can't be the "real" grandma. because Louis teaching us grandmaa always use wik he says…. 😉

Spector NS5 RD says:

LOL this is hilarious, Jessa, keep it up! You NInja yourself into various places of business, set up your station and fix iPhones. I dig it.

AcolyteArathok says:

Your glasses gave the green screen away 😛

ruuhkis says:

Really enjoying the use of green screen, brilliant stuff

Daveyk021 says:

P.S. – Your volumn has been low in your last couple or so of Youtube videos.

Daveyk021 says:

Ha ha ha ha – that took me a few minutes to figure out what you did. You are as much in NY City as you were at the Apple store last night! <chuckle>

intrax2tv says:

Hostile takeover for usd. 1,- as the Rossmann NY setup is kind of crap !

Motorman2112 says:

I knew the empty chair streams would be useful for something.

enlightendbel says:

Using a multi-meter or oscilloscope in Rossman Repair Group HQ is about as hostile as you can get.

enlightendbel says:

"It's bigger then it looks on the screen".

Damn, woman are brutal.

Fedor Lejepekov says:

5:40 – wow, that googles so powerful && pro!

Jan Schmidt says:

Great fun 🙂

Trailtraveller says:

Hahahaha…. he will choke in his burito..

zvpunry says:

i like these stickers, they are always in focus and in front of everything… 😉

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