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Here's how much my BROKEN iPhone XS Max cost to fix..

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Ivan -_- says:

That ass tho 11:08 🤤

M Silas says:

I just broke my back omg I’m crying right now like fuuucckkk my life an idk if my dad has apple care plus

Jesse Hernandez says:

Dude if you would’ve dropped it when you were putting it in the case cause you were moving fast I would’ve died for you bro 😂

Jesse Hernandez says:

It’s actually dropped down now to around $320ish plus 🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏽

GO HardTV says:

@11:50 LOL Hi !

Mcciller004 says:

Use UAG cases

Carni D says:

why don't apple make iphone back with bullet proof glass?????why??????

Jennifer Kirkland says:

699 for the phone repair

CAiTLYN says:

i think it’s gonna cost like $600 maybe, if he doesn’t have insurance that is

2jv Fn says:

11:08 dat ass dooooo

Apple AirPods says:

It’s pronounced “Ten”

Jill’s Edits says:

That happened yesterday to me and I am scared to tell my mom cause she will kill me

dorrito420 says:

put a skin on the back

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