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Glitchy Smartphone or Tablet? YOU’VE Got the Fix!

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Device slowed to a crawl? Are apps force-closing or freezing? Have the screen and/or buttons stopped responding correctly? NO PROBLEM! Learn how you can fix these things yourself 95% of the time, with no risk to your data or device. If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to our channel and kindly give us a thumbs up. Let us know what questions you have on anything wireless tech, and we will be happy to answer them for you. Visit our website http://www.eastcomwireless.com, and feel free to join the conversation on our facebook and twitter pages as well.


Master Shooter says:

You saved my phone ! Thank you!!!

Brianna Hernandez says:

please help me how do you fix a tablet that is glitchy

Angel Aishat Adebayo says:

On my tablet Samsung 4 roblox game is glitchy the to you now it's not

1243bball says:

I have a lgg2 where the battery is wired and glued on so I can't simply soft reset it. what's your opinion.

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