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Giving a 7-year-old computer a second life

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Fixing up and giving life to a 7-year-old computer. Basically a quick little vlog as I do some quick upgrades to make an old computer run like “new” again. This can be useful to get basic computers running again. Obviously, this isn’t a mega upgrade, but for online usage and word processing, it works great.


Wesley McNasty says:

There`s your problem!
Its made in China

YMC-DAB420 says:

wait he didn't put thermal paste on tho? 4:00

Jonathan Woodside says:

"gonna save money repairing :)" – Pays for Windows

Angryhrajecz Now says:

Capacitors on mb looks bad

Xtreme Gamer says:

I also have 7 year old computer. But still its running very smooth. No lags.

Noobish Poop says:

I'm why didn't you put termal paste

Samuel White says:

Man gateways don't age well. I have a pew91 from 2010. It is in very bad shape.

Shoot_to_kill 21024 says:

Wtf… thatโ€™s the same computer I took apart today! Itโ€™s almost the exact same thing. But I think they have a little bit different specs

W N says:

Looking at the video of the board, I thought I saw bulging capacitors. That would cause random crashes and shut downs.
FYI: Cooler Master's included thermal paste dries to the consistency of epoxy!! Warning to people, don't use it or after 5 years, you won't be able to remove the cooler.

Borivoj Stankovic says:

Hey guy, you all managed to install win 10, but me not. I'm missing something. PC was working with previous hard disc, now I can not start installation on ssd, it just shows me solid WINDOWS LOGO ON MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN and that is it? Anyone has a clue, please?

Phoenix Stopmotions says:

I have a HP Pavilion s7000 desktop computer. I was wondering if there was any upgrades that were possible for this computer, as it is quite slim so I'm not sure if anything will fit in it. Also the power supply might not be strong enough. Anything to make it usable again for word processing or very light gaming. Thank You

GTaero says:

Seriously? Do you honestly have no clue how to remove an AMD CPU cooler? You have to TWIST it until the paste breaks free or you'll rip the CPU out of the socket and potentially risk breaking the pins and / or socket. Nice.

This Guy !!! says:

lol look$ like my fuckin room nice lets smoke joins

??? ??? says:

if anything, add 1gb of RAM and a small SSD.

Colin Yapp says:

When removing heatsinks on CPU's, you should run the system so that it heats up so that you do not rip the processor out with the heatsink.

Noah the Slender Boa says:

don't be too tought on him, guys. I remember on my first pc build, thermal paste oozed out the side of the cpu and all I cleaned it with was a paper towel

Chi Chu says:

Did you also upgrade OS Vista to OS 7 too?

Bandicoot803 says:

Boy, you really were a lucky devil that day when you ripped the CPU off of its socket without tearing off one pin! Congratulations!!

Kouyioue says:

Got a 21 year old Compaq Armada laptop with partial 3d acceleration, 3d studio for dos, and visual c++ ๐Ÿ™‚

kenan1099 says:

did you just call an ide cable "the ribbon" .


1959Berre says:

Dude, you look like Louis Theroux in his younger years. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mr. Flip says:

I am doing the same thing to my dads old gaming computer. Well see how that goes. It hasnโ€™t been on since 2011

PvtMadnage says:

I'm writing this comment on a test pc containing a Core2Duo e7200 overclocked to 2.8Ghz (instead of 2.5), 1GB DDR2 memory clocked at 890Mhz (instead of 667)
It's pretty quick still.

And testing the audio, which seemingly also works flawlessly..


I am helicopter Dickwag says:

I am comment 666 xD

Sir Zok says:

Thats a sick necklace you have there

ewinmn says:

Omg I love your necklace ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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