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GeekSquad Got Caught Scamming

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TV reporters rigged up a computer failure and sent it off for computer repairs. Some honest technicians were found, and then there were those.


Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

BBB is a corrupt organization that protects large corporations like best buy for payment. They are not there for consumers.

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

Never bring a computer or laptopmto best buy with you. Always ask questions about symptoms first. Yhey will.answer for free. But if you have a computer with you they are instructed to charge you for a diagnostic fee. Don't get ripped off most geek squad answer questions free as long as your not holding a laptop in your hands

David Smith says:

follow up please

sirwilliam51 says:

The last PC I bought from Best Buy ended up being a cheap laptop motherboard with a soldered in processer in a PC case. When the CPU fan went to opened it up and found this little motherboard that had a 1.5" fan that wasn't even hooked to the onboard power supply.
Best Buy never again!

Matt Hannel says:

There's a virus on the unplugged hard drive. Get a new computer.

EastSide Eddie says:

Geek Squad people are mainly salesmen. They are ordered to sell upgrades on every call no matter what the initial request was. When they were ramping up they called me to interview and I passed immediately when I realized what their game was. That took about 45 seconds.

brybrun says:

geeksquad sucks!!!!

Griimnak says:

"What the fuck, how would people fall for th-"
Sees the 2009 upload date

sexobscura says:

fred Schneider disapproves

Biyamin says:

Last time I fixed a computer was 2009 lol am happy cuz I use MacBook Pro and I never had issue with them and no virus

recursiveidentity says:

This is by design folks… You should all learn basic computer repair, it's super easy…

Pawel Drozdek says:

PDX FOX 12 News

Mr. Chihuahua says:

Yup, i used to work at bestbuy geel squad, the manager would take in a laptop stare at it kove a little piece then say it wasnt working. And that we sell new ones at the same price for what theyd pay for in repairs.

Ryan Warchol says:

Wont catch me at best buy. Worst buy over priced

Della Green says:

Do another update on them again

Sirios Star says:

First the Geek squad lies about what was wrong with the computer. Then when the BBB gives them a failing grade they change the grade instead of changing their predetory behaviour.
Geek squad and Best buy is now on my permanent 💩List.

Dorian Gray says:

I Call Bull Shit. 1st there is NO $70.00 Charge For Any service, Also There Is No Way They Said It Would Cost any where Near $500.00 to fix it Especuially If They Claimed It Was A Failed Hdd. This Is Why I CANNOT Stand The Lying Bull Shit News Station Whith There Full Of SHIT Lies They Come Up With. They Are As Bad As The Online Scammers. Tell The Truth Next Time, Show PROOF On The $Cost$ You Claim Best Buy Quoted. It Looks Like All Truth Has Been Edited Out.

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