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Galaxy S3 Disassembly & Assembly – Sim Tray – Loud Speaker – Buzzer – Earpiece Repair

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To order parts to fix your Samsung Galaxy S3 go to: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-replacement-parts-screens.html?utm_source=LE55ONS&utm_medium=Galaxy%20S3%20Parts&utm_campaign=LE55ONS

List of Galaxy S3 LCD & Digitizer Replacements:
Blue – http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-screen-assembly-replacement-blue.html?utm_source=LE55ONS&utm_medium=S3%20Screen%20Blue&utm_campaign=LE55ONS

White – http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-screen-assembly-replacement-white.html?utm_source=LE55ONS&utm_medium=S3%20Screen%20White&utm_campaign=LE55ONS

Red – http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-red-lcd-touch-screen-digitizer-replacement.html?utm_source=LE55ONS&utm_medium=S3%20Screen%20Red&utm_campaign=LE55ONS

FAQ: Can I replace the home/touch keys or silver frame/bezel around the screen?
A:Yes but its a bit tricky trying to remove a good working screen from the frame. Search for ‘separating screen from front frame on s4’ to see how it can be done.
Q: How do I replace the power switch?
A: The power switch can only be replaced using a ‘hot air’ soldering iron. Google 1053010945 for the switch and find a local tv repair shop as they should have the tools and skills to replace it

Q: Can I just replace the glass screen as its only $20?
A: Replacing the ‘glass screen only’ can a bit tricky. There are plenty of videos showing how, but the results are varied. Unless you use ‘optical adhesive’ and a possibly a vacuum chamber to remove any air bubbles its not going to be a 100% repair. If you are happy to have an ‘air gap’ between the screens (which gives an ‘oil slick’ affect when you press down) then a glass only repair is fine. Most people replace the complete screen assembly with the frame or you might find a ‘glass only’ replacement service on eBay.

Q: Can I replace the USB charging port?
A: Replacing the usb charging port needs the use of a ‘hot air’ soldering iron. Google for 3722-003512 and find a local tv repair shop as they should have the skills and equipment to replace it. Or you can invest in a wireless charging kit (search eBay for ‘galaxy s3 wireless charging’) and use wifi to move your files..

It’s worth paying the little extra for a new screen that comes with the frame(front housing/bezel) as you will not need to separate the broken screen from the frame and will have a nice new bezel.

Same procedure for i9300 T999 i747 i535 L710 

If you’ve seen the drop test then you might find this puts your mind at ease for replacing the screen..

Metal Frame Swap http://youtu.be/_70-W9JjVjg
DIY repairs will void any warranty but may save you £$ 🙂

The sim tray for the i9300 will fit the i9305 and possibly other models.

High resolution scans:
Mainboard & Parts 3Mb http://tinyurl.com/mainboardparts
Antenna Connections 1Mb http://tinyurl.com/sgs3antenna
Screen Back 3Mb http://tinyurl.com/screenback
Replacement Screen http://tinyurl.com/replacment-screen

Dial *#0*# to enter diagnostics
W1 is for GSM/3G
W2 is for Wi-Fi.
The white antenna cable is for Wi-Fi only.

Shot up close with a Panasonic HDC-SD700
My studio setup http://goo.gl/BpjKdc

Links referencing parts in this description provide me credit. Thanks for your support 🙂


Plan C says:

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this video. My S3 went through the
washing machine! I thought it was dead! Using your guide I stripped it
down, soaked all the boards and components in medical alcohol to drive out
the moisture, left to dry one day outside in the shade and then overnight
in front of a desk fan and it works good as new. Thanks again. Hope helps

Nibin George says:

I’m having headphone jack problems with my Samsung Galaxy S3. No matter
what set of headphones I use, the sound only comes out through one side. Is
repairsuniverse.com a trustworthy website to buy the loud speaker
replacement part from? Does this website have the OEM parts?

Jessica Jenkins says:

we cant get the screw out that holds in the secondary camera out without
striping it. any suggestions?

G. Breydel says:

Hi I have done the same as me but everything goes on except the screen what
should I do now

Kate Lehman says:

Okay seriously broke student here and I don’t know you but I have to tell
you I LOVE YOU!! I was watching another you tube video about disabling GPS
(privacy freaks whatever lol) and I opened the back of my S3 to check it

My SIM/Micro SD tray was loose when I put it back together and I thought
that’s how it was before and closed up my phone and it would not recognize
my SIM card etc. I even went into my service provider and they couldn’t
help. (they didn’t seem impressed I took it apart either) lol I could
connect to the internet but not make any calls and being a broke student
was really upset at the idea of having to buy out my contract and get a new

You SAVED MY bacon! I happened on to your video and realized the ribbon
connector wasn’t connected, plugged it in and bam fixed phone!! 😀 Thank
you, thank you, thank you!!! Oh and very interesting to see the rest of the
video to learn about what everything is in my phone and if I had to repair
it I might even know how now. I’ll be keeping this video on my favorites
list for sure!! BIG thumbs up! Only one thing you didn’t mention I think is
where the GPS is located but I think maybe from now on I should just leave
well enough alone. It is really interesting seeing the working parts of my
phone though. 😀 Thanks again!

Peter Masimo says:

sorry to bother you but i’m in need of help, i have watched some of your
disassemble/reassemble videos but don’t know if it would work with a short
circuited phone. I have an old(red) samsung galaxy s3 and everything is
working great nothing wrong, except for the broken screen. a couple of
months ago i bought a new samsung galaxy (pearl blue) and a few days later
it was water damaged and i short circuit the phone, so to the question, is
it possible to replace the main board of my old working phone with the
water damaged phones housing(sorry for the horrible terminology).

CocoNChile says:

Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to remove just the housing without
damaging the lcd screen? Thank you :D

Tom Pagie says:

Hello LE55ON5, my phone doesn’t seem to charge anymore. Is there any cheap
way to replace it myself?

Trad Cell says:

Honest comment: We all come across sooo many videos on you tube of how to
repair but you have actually made an easy video for people to understand.
Clear and precise. Even a first timer could do this. Great job! Le55ons,
keep up the good work! 

Len Aye says:

Great video as always. My Galaxy S3 is no longer charging (regardless of
which battery I use or usb cable to charge it) and I believe the problem is
a loose/broken charger/usb port. Is there a simple way to do this? Other
videos I found on replacing the charger connector is a bit hairy. Thanks

lunavixen015 says:

Thank you for the disassembly video, my S3 accidently went through the wash
and I needed a way to disassemble it so that I could get it dry faster, and
this has helped, now I just have to hope that when it’s dry it’ll still
work >.<


hi, I am having a problem fixing a samsung galaxy s3 i747. everything works
fine except that I cannot make or receive calls. I don’t know what is wrong
if it is something with the software or with one of the pieces. I wonder if
could you give me some advice in what to check or how could I solve the
problem. Please let me know- Thanks

Eagle says:


thepiecesfit says:

This helped greatly thanks. What was first time a $60 charge to replace
the volume flex. Now cost me under $10 did not know it was so easy. My
headset was very scratchy got the speaker and volume flex and replaced it
in under 30 minutes. +1 

Andrew Vo says:


Haroon Rehman says:

+LE55ONS me 3g antenna has broke. The little black thing that is on the
motherboard has been taken off. What do I need to do to fix it back on and
what do I need to use?

dylan santiago says:

Me and my s3 thank you for this video but one question you mention douple
sided sticky tapemi did the repair I would consider half ass because I did
not add new adhesive to reattached components that are attached by said
adhesive any links for what exactly s0i need

packfg says:

Saved my life! ;)

lee oliver says:

dude thank you, more simple than i thought, via watching you , and fixed my
phone thank you

jameshone1000 says:

how important is that little black screw near the sim car slot because I
lost mine and put the phone back to giver with out

Melvin Ponce says:
Felipe sobrenome says:

good stuff here, thanks.

muhammad shahied says:

hi i have dropped my phone in water. its not turning on at all. what do you
thing might have gone wrong with it. Can it be fixed and how? thanks 

Jeff Storm says:

8:20 – earpiece assembly removal

Daniel Gandhi says:

Hi! Thanks a lot for the Video. I just dropped my phone into sea water and
I was able to open it. It is dry now but it looks like some water got in to
the phone so I want to put it into medical alcohol for 24h for cleaning.
Are there any parts which are NOT supposed to get in contact with alcohol
(maybe the mic, speaker and display?) Thank you for your help!

Kelvin M says:

The idiot didn’t take off the battery.

seanymo says:

+LE55ONS Hey, brilliant videos. Could you possibly elaborate on the
disadvantages of having an air gap between the screen and digitiser when
only replacing the external glass screen please? Would like to know
whether to go for the glass screen only or the entire lcd screen digitizer
and frame.


Octavian Ciortan says:

How can I change the camera frame (the plastic screen/frame is scratched)?
Do I need to unscrew the whole 10 screws, or it will just pop up once a
screwdriver is put under the frame? Many thanks

Michał Kupsztal says:

Witam jakiego koloru powinny być wskaźniki wilgoci?Ja przy moim galaxy s3
mam fioletowe krzyżyki na białym tle to znaczy,że jest zalany czy jest w
100% sprawny?

Hi what color should be moisture indicators? I am taking my galaxy s3 have
purple crosses on a white background it means that is flooded and is 100%

Nader AL OTAIBI says:


MobileCyris says:

too bad this is a knock off galaxy s3. wonder how they didnt notice.

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