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Future of Computer Repair – Weird HP Tower

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HP p2 – 1317cb Desktop Tower Weirdness. Is this the future in disposable computers and the end of system upgrading and repair as we know it? If so, why the huge case with nothing in it?

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dufonrafal says:

That’s one of the cheapest HP PC, they’re using laptop AMD CPU ;)

tikiman48 says:

The amd e class is like this
They are extremely low power, and wont and cant use a taditional psu, It
will break the processor

warmon6 says:

I would say no…. as I haven’t seen anything exactly like it myself and
I’m constantly monitoring tech forum and repairing people pc’s on my free
time… It probably more of the case of that there are not lot of system
with this type of MB in it to have to be turned in to repair shops.

Deadly NeuroTXNS says:

It’s almost like a laptop board in a pc case. Considering it’s lower specs
and small size, It is a way to trick people, like it did to some body I know

Wendell Jones says:

As a 17 year bench tech for a couple large electronic firms—I can say
with all certainty that, if you need to know the DC specs without
documentation, pull the motherboard and start reading capacitor values and
polarity from where the DC plug is inserted. The voltage rating has to be
under the highest power cap’s value; then it’s a simple matter of tracing
the capacitor’s polarity to ground.

azbertx says:

well, if you are a repair shop and you never see that thing, it may be a
good sign that this is reliable?

GuruBrew says:

Thanks for the comment. Are you an HP employee by chance?

warmon6 says:

It looks almost like a modified “thin mini-Itx Motherboard” that you should
only find in AIO (all-in one) computers. Anandtech coverage of “thin
Mini-ITX motherboards”:
anandtech(dot)com/show/4394/more-on-intels-thin-miniitx-standard Most of
these boards dont have expansion slots (gigabyte is the only one that I
know of that does have a PCI-e slot. GA-H77TN LGA1155) and all of these
boards have DC in power ports such as what your seeing on that board. Very
weird indead…

hankus253 says:

Weird is right.

warmon6 says:

looking at the page of the MB itself,
near the dimm slots, one of those 2 white headers (maybe both) is the sata
power connector. Had to use the web browser to zoom in on the page to see
“sata P**” (wasn’t able to make out the last 2 letters but since I knew
where the data ports was at, it’s the only thing that made sense.)

k2aka111 says:

This is quite odd….Although I don’t see it as all that different from a
laptop not having room for a power supply(even though the case does). What
I can’t figure out is how the HDD and CD drive are powered. Do some of
those wires on the board change to a sata or molex power connecter?

joe husosky says:

Welcome to the world of ITX mother boards. Usually you only see these in
those little CD-less 8x8x1in computers but HP has put it in a mini-tower.
At least with the bigger case you can have DVD and full size hard drive and
none of the heat issues with the little ones. It was really a shocker the
first time I ordered one of these for someone. The people I have purchased
these for will never expand with anything other then USB so I stopped
worrying about it. took me a bit to get OK with it.

Digital Micro says:

That’s used by 90% of itx motherboards.

GuruBrew says:

Good point about the heat dissipation in a larger box but I think it’s a
ploy to get rid of full size cases (overstock) before make new cute little
cubed ones. ORRRRRR trick people because bigger is better….. right? hugh
I smell a conspiracy here;)

Jomarcenter says:

You know how laptop plug is today. Small Circular hole and I Also Have a
laptop that use a plug that It almost look like a small circular Hole and
can powered the while laptop. So I Think that DC:IN is the power

letsjust .getbye says:

not my kind of pc 🙂

Deadly NeuroTXNS says:

Yeah, someone I knew bought one of these, and lets just say they bought a
new PC quickly LOL

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