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Krzysztof As says:

1:27:00 You've spent a lot of time on it… From customer point of view this looks the same. If customer can't communicate with this specific people, then go elsewhere and somewhere else sudently everything is good. IMHO only crazy people choose waste their time to make harm to the others.

BTW. Hej, I am new subscriber.

Carnac Steele says:

You spend too much time addressing trolls. Thats what the trolls wants. They just want your attention, even when its negative attention. Just ignore it. Block and ignore. Do not address or mention them.

Kathrin Anna Hausermann says:

Appenzeller Biberli have an almond filling. They are not made with or from Cheese : )) But yes there is a sort of Cheese called Appenzeller. I personally do not like it. Swiss Cheese that is. I like Appenzeller Biberli.

Tri-Tra-Troppa says:

The Appenzeller Biber-Bärli is a gingerbread with almond or nut filling. Appenzeller means it's from Appenzell a swiss region.

Dwayne Lewis says:

Hi Carey. Years ago when I was lawn mowing I would have a set price for each lawn but the first cut was much much higher. The lawn was always a mess in the beginning. I would trim bushes weed beds mulch haul away debris etc. the ongoing price might be 25 per cut but the clean up might cost 50 to 200. You need to do the same with your business clients. The initial setup should be bill hourly or a one time negotiated price then the monthly retainer start after that.

Youtubefan2017 says:

Cracking up listenening to this today at work. Swapping drives on old HP 8000 series.

John Lorens says:

Carey, I have been watching your You-Tube videos for weeks after finding you on the web. I have been in computer builds, support, repairs, and networking since PC's come out in the 80's. I find that your professional style, approach to troubleshooting, opinions on hardware and software (Malwarebytes & CCleaner) is so nearly identical to mine that I have felt like you are a long lost cousin of mine. LOL. Watching each of your videos, I have either learned new things or validated my current technique in PC support. Thank you so very much. This episode on "starting a computer business" has helped me figure out how to do better in managing clients regarding the finance collections, charge what you're worth, walk away from troublesome customers, and more. I am fully employed as a global project manager for decades while services many family, friends and now new clients with quality customer support. Someday when I do retire (currently 66), I plan to make it a full time job adding to other offerings I am mastering – camera surveillance, backup generators, home automation, etc. I also offer free or reasonably paid workshops in the Chicagoland area on basic maintenance that one should do to keep their PC running well and safe. Thank you for all the handy tips you offer that teach us all new things or confirm our current practices. How can I contribute to your program and connect in other ways. John Lorens

robert roby says:

Carey is there another way to donate other than paypal

Rene Cusson says:

Hi Carey. WoW… You really gave out A LOT  of good business advice. Thanks for sharing.

Tim Francis says:

Carey, i love your videos. I am getting a ryzen 1800x cause microcenter has a deal on them, plus i received a gift card. to replace my fx processor but i love your videos

grizzlysplace63 says:

Hello Carey, I think this was one of your best videos so much life advice on your experience in life and business, I will be watching this video over and over you offer down to earth advice on so many topics in this video I am 55 years old and learned and will learn so much more from this. keep up the good work and don't ever change who you are.( I know you will not) Take care and be safe. from Michigan

Bodomi says:

I also paid for YouTube Premium because of your videos so I can more comfortably watch your videos on my phone because of the stupid limitations in the app that you need to pay for Premium to get rid off, but saying that I pay for your content because of that is ridiculous.

Edit: spelling.

nick poverman says:

Wonder if those earbuds were sent by mistake. Another great video as always Carey.

KDStudios says:

Great video as always, absolutely phenomenal contributions to you, you definitely deserve it.
Oh carey, you can do that restream using the same bandwidth easily with a website called restream, google it. See what you think. Lets you go to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and all sorts of other services just from the same bandwidth you're using. It's just what I personally use, if you don't… You don't lol
Keep up the fantastic work Carey!

Reginald Magnayon says:

Awesome wisdom from through years of experienced.

Primorditek Gaming says:

I RMA'd a leaky Enermax TR4 360 cooler along with the motherboard that it damaged. They told me if they could verify the motherboard damage was due to the cooler leaking, they would warranty the damaged components (board and power supply). After 4 weeks they sent the same board back to me (claiming they found no fault with it) along with a v2 cooler and those same cheap headphones. I'm trying to encourage fellow tech enthusiasts not to purchase or use Enermax products. They do not stand behind their products and choosing to use their products in your build can be a very costly mistake.


My Company Name was: Glitch Masters' , cool huh? Thankyou.

Stephen Rimington says:

Gday from downunder

Matthew Groff says:

Here is a link to what it is:

Curtis Pazar Jr says:

Great advice 😃

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