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Fixing three cheap broken iPhones

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Got two iPhone 4 and one 4s for under $11 each, all with problems.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hughjeffreys
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hughjeffreys
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+HughJeffreys

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Brennan Adams says:

Hey hugh can you unlock my iphone 7 from activation lock plz

Austin Laskowski says:

I'll buy all three for $100

Ryan Grado says:

I’m have ing probs

Ryan Grado says:

FaceTime me my email is ryangrado@hotmail.com

Gandalf Jebnięty says:

Serial number: 5K137RPKA4S

Sir Iodine says:

And how much did it cost to repai

Thi Thuy Ngo says:

Anh cái này Bao nhiều vậy anh nha

Legodog890 says:

Lol i like when that happens on old electronics my laptop said 2003 and i was hella confused

Justlikethis hello says:

Thank you so much I can fix my iPhone 4

thtboi225 says:

Your boy about to have the phones

AK Mob says:

Please do a tutorial on how to fix the power button on the iPhone 4s!!

Pat Pedulla says:

How is the iphone on ios 8 my iphone 4 is on ios 7.1.2 and won't go any higher

UG Merdator says:

How do I get rid of a Trojan virus phone?

Phaxay Thammavongsa says:

Can you give them to us? Plz I been trying to get a 4s iOS 6

Andronikos Zantis says:

What is the site you check the imei ?

Bollywood tadka says:

Can you give me link to buy a cheap Iphone please

Cliffymetal598 [GD] says:

I want to do this sometime

ender guy says:

We're almost at 1k likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benson Xiong says:

But the one is not crack it is not cheap I can't even get phone

Naufal Sameer says:

I hope u give back to the owner at 1.25 au because it just an activation error 😅

Joe S says:

The iPhone 4 and 4S were so easy to get into, but now with these 'unibody' designs the screen stays attached to the phone and you have to take pretty much everything out to get the screen off.

Brendan Stralow says:

3:40 you add a white box covering the serial number and the IMEI, but then add a fade out which clearly shows them… What?

Austin knox says:

Is there a way I can contact him

TheElectricBolts says:

I found a cracked Iphone 4s for like 10 bucks free shipping on ebay. Should I buy it? After watching these videos, it's usually either the dock, and/or the battery. I think it is worth it.
EDIT: I bought a 20 dollar working Iphone 4s, and it has 16GB and no cracks. Great!

Abhinay Dwivedi says:

sir  i am in india pelease tell i have iphone 4 but  it motherboard was short it repair or not

Vincent Prattella says:

I bought a shattered iPhone 6 for $15

JDM_Nation 267 says:

What did you buy those on

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