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» Fixing my Broken iPhone at the Apple Store «

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I broke my phone on the first day of school a while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDN5QGmp0TQ and now it was finally time to get it fixed, so we took it to the Apple Store where we spent a total of 3 hours. We had a few choices, but it ended up with me getting a brand new phone! I’m so happy I have a phone without cracks now! I also talk a little bit about the new iPhones, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. What do you think about them? Do you want to get any of them?

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Simply Sofia says:

I just posted a new what's on my iPhone video of what apps and stuff I have on this new phone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaYGK8dj1_c&t=25s 
Also to clear things up, I didn't pay full price for the new phone. It was less than half the price. The reason I didn't get the glass fixed only was that the iPhone was really cracked in one corner and it even went outside the glass so if they would've changed the glass only, it wouldn't have been water protected or even humid protected. My dad took the decision to change the whole phone cuz he didn't want to risk anything. I'm so grateful that I have this phone! What phone do you currently have or wish to have?

Lol Lol says:

In England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 we never have to book appointments

Mermaid Unicorn says:

Don't go to apple to get it fixed go to a phone place and they can fix it for way cheaper

deanns says:

whats the song..her intro

Elenaツ says:

song at the start????

Charly Farmer says:

Every time im at the mall and i say lets go into the apple store she says OH LORD

Tech Lessons says:

My bday month is November too! What day?

Emaleys Perez says:

can u make a vid of what's on your phone plz 📱📱

Angel shine mari De lunas says:

what is the title of the intro song? 😍

Alannah Nelson says:

Love your new phone

Tay Bæ says:

Omg I’m so jelly lol

Because your so beautiful

Linnéa Paulander says:

Are you from sweden?

Lexia Lavenger says:

Get a otter box case

Heyit’szarah says:

You have the most effing annoying voice ever get some help

PERF tv says:

I really need a new phone i have the iphone 5s and its been glitching alot lately. I asked my parents if i can get a iphone 7 plus and they said maybe, but i know maybe means no 🙁 I have enough money for it but my parents wont let me. Hope i get it for a birthday present or as a Christmas gift. I do have a macbook pro but like i cant just carry it with me every where

Austeja says:

U sound like a rat

Marceline Luberisse says:

I am just like her . My iPhone was cracked I was annoyed by it. So Apple end up giving me a new phone for 169 because of screen display. I asked was it refurbished lol they said No😊

hammy xoxo says:

It’s a small crack, you didn’t need a new phone, my phone is basically shattered and it works fine

Robert Dugan says:

But still tho not to be rude or salty but it is not a huge crack i have a huge crack on mine on the side and I can see the inside of the phone and I am getting it fixed but that doesn't call for a new phone

hiiitzyourwaffle xD says:

My friend has the iPhone X

My friend is Simply Sofia

vivian phan says:

“ if it’s too much to change the screen then we will just get a whole new phone” * LOGIC *💀💀💀

Sunita Joshipura says:

does she have a mom

Love z WOOH HOO says:

Her smile is perfect!

LittleMissSunshine says:

Nice vid. Is this the Täby Centrum Apple Store?

hollzi says:

wait so she has a tiny crack in the corner? and she gets a new phone!!!! wtaf

Mýiahh Swallaàh says:

Anyone knows the song in the intro😭😭😭😭

Isidro Gomez says:

what is the song called

intaenetcrush says:

Don't you think its a waste that you just use a phone less than 1 year and then it broke a little bit but instead you buy a new phone

ii Kori ii says:

I feel like every week she get a new phone

Makayla Simmons says:

I,have the iPhone 8 it’s amazing

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