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Fixing Laptop Hardware Problems

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How to easily pinpoint and fix hardware problems with your Dell laptop using Dells built in hardware diagnostics


Happy says:

Halp me my big sister said my laptop hardware is uhhh…. what's that word?

Toxic Carrot GameJolt says:

Omg its xp XD

kramretsel Solano says:

i didn't remove my usb properly on my dell laptop and now I cant open my laptop.
how to fix it?

Akhizar ali says:

window seven

Akhizar ali says:

please tell me how to fix blue screen

Abishey Ar says:

Hi Bro i need your help .i have IBM T43 .windows 7.and problem is sometimes show blue screen ,so please tell me how to fix it problem hardware malfunction the system has halted

negative74 says:

so, once you get this particular error, there is no way to correct the hard drive? does the Dell ePSA boot from a partition on the hard drive? If so, couldn't you repair/format the drive working from the good partition? I don't really know, I'm lost and I'm trying to fix a friends computer. ty 🙂

Dr.Sandipon Karmakar says:

The best tutorial. very good

Nigel Dimech says:

Show me how to accses the BIOS

When i press F12 key on start up
How do i change the wake on AC setting under the Power management section

Nigel Dimech says:

Mine is ACER

Charlene Sevilla says:

pls help when i connect my ac adaptor and my dell laptop it automatically turns on and starts to pre-boot system assestment but the diagnostic wont finest cuz it sudenly turn off.plsss help me..i have a dell inspiron 1420

Emyaaat Ryker says:

i have a problem in my laptop, I did not mean the fall of the laptop, and when i used it, it would turn off.

Chad Hyder says:

I'm having problems trying to play a game which I was able to play before. It installs fine but when you open it a pop up box comes up and says there is no 3D hardware installed on my laptop and Ive tried a few things can you help me out?

Anime4 Mii says:

its dell
get a toshiba

Gail Chapman says:

my cd drive wont open on my Toshiba satellite laptop any advice please

UltimateSaul says:

i have this problem but my computer is a window 7 pc and i dont have those option on your computer. what can i do to fix mind?

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