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» FIXING BROKEN IPHONE 2.0 | Apple Store «

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We got this phone (iPhone 6) from a company that they wanted to throw away, so we went to the Apple Store to see if they could fix it and in that case it would be my little brother’s phone. It was the best trip to the Apple Store yet! We got to be in this free coding session and then I saw the iPhone 8 for the first time in person! I have to make more videos about that one because it’s so cool 😉

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StickFiguresMaster says:

There isn’t a iPhone “2.0” you fucking stupid fucking mother fucking fucker!
There’s only:
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3G
iPhone 4 | iPhone 4S
iPhone 5 | iPhone 5S | iPhone 5C
iPhone 6 | iPhone 6S | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 7 | iPhone 7S | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone 7S Plus
iPhone 8 | iPhone 8S | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8S Plus
iPhone X
iPhone X 2, iPhone X 2 Plus.

Steven Espinal says:

Do u have Apple care

Ezgi İrem Canpolat says:

tişört değiştirir gibi telefon degiştiriyosun sofia helal olsun kxkfjsljfksjrowjrwnrkwnf

Andy Caporaso says:

congratsss for 60000😍😍😍

Emgy Giron Garcia says:

I have the iPhone 8 Plus I find it really cool I have the new rose gold

Marjan393 says:

how much does it cost to fix phone that broken? 400 bucks ok that's not worth fixing a phone that old

Jp Vlogs says:


Jp Vlogs says:

I never New that you had a bunny and hamster!! They are so flipping cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultra Pro Gamer says:

Do you live in Täby?

NicVandEmZ says:

I probably could of been able to fix it because the parts are not as expensive as Apple charges you to fix it

Ivy Lei says:

I like how people call her spoiled because she has the 7plus when before that one she had a 5c and she said it was her only Christmas gift. When she got her iPhone X she at least paid for it with the money she saved so……

lounaa Ytb says:

Y love you ❤️❤️❤️💍

Sunnymia says:

I have 2 bunnies and a hamster too

danielgartin6993 says:

You're pretty

Cindy TheUniCat says:

Don't mind the haters Sofia you are very nice to fix that phone for your little brother you are a very great full person and you deserve the good stuff

Cindy TheUniCat says:

Oh my what happened to your phone oh god

Jezzy fusco says:

you should get a new surprise pet

Hannah Kheder says:

Hello from the USA ✌️✌️

tifah boyd says:

her dad is so funny

Gymnastics Lover says:

I love your videos💗😍

ItsMe Rani says:

And u r NOT spoilt u just live a good life

ItsMe Rani says:

Ur dad is getting there trust me my mom started off like that and now she speaks fluent English

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