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Fixing a Smashed Phone Screen – on a budget! (GLASS ONLY REPAIR ATTEMPT)

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In this video I attempt to repair a smashed up phone by replacing only the front glass digitizer to keep the costs to a minimum. Will I succeed? Let’s find out!
Tools ⇨ http://amzn.to/2qz74JC

UK tools: http://amzn.to/2pESGur


Michael Mwenesi says:

i held my breath at some point

Dark FCWF says:

What is the phone name? It’s beautiful

Laughing man says:

hey iv that fone

Fe Tocmo says:

We totoo ba yan dn nman ako naniniwala kailangan daw lagyan ng Colgate tapos mawawalan daw yung bayag edit wow

Brennan Murphy says:

I love when a customer walks in and tell us that they already have all the parts, they "just need it installed, it's easy!!!" and hand me a piece of glass. No understanding of what OCA glue is, no understanding of the fragility of the actual LCD panel, nor the equipment ($$) needed to do the job correctly. I was waiting for him to get the the part where he installed the new glass, I couldn't wait to see what the "instructions" said for him to use, considering he didn't have a UV lamp or any LOCA in sight.

noreen Maina says:

Woah and you have the same phone as me but mines white

Kelan Yellapa Chetty says:

It does not work do not wast your time


1kth comment

Raja Arshad says:

Hello friend

Lonely Melted Butter says:

I'd just buy a new phone tbh. 😂

Bashar Hemedany says:

Hi Dear
I have LG K10 with broken out glass only … can i change the glass only or i have to change the touch also ? Thank you

Shukrya Ali says:

Can you made my one is also pleas @DIY PERKS

Joan Suarez says:

Lols… This is interesting, but I know I am not the person who can do this thing. I can easily ruin it thab fix it.😂

MoleRatz says:

I wanna start fixing tech but if I fix a non working phone on ebay for an example if I succeed and it works what do I do if its locked?

Frost Brook says:

My tablet is extremely damaged the screen I mean but it's still fine


hmm no era lo que esperaba, pero muy buena solución.

John Moore says:

You're a sorry pc of shit. You're using clickbait-assed thumbnails to trick people into watching your vids. Fk You!

umer vlogs says:

Omg this is so crazy

Jerome Thompson says:

awesome dude!!!

Its Soone says:

Just buy a case then you wont need to replace the screen! 😀

Zephanaiah Booc says:

when you have no choice … you have to buy anew lcd…LOL…..nice try

Mshamana tainment says:

Hey dude, nice job but this isn't for the faint hearted hey. I can't imagine myself disconnecting all those items of the phone without making a mistake and break one or two object. Thanks for the video though, very interesting…

Natan Gurfinkel says:

OMFG this plot twist/shift was so funny I actually laughed. 🙂

Terry Peake says:

Love your vids and you seem to have a good command of english. The phrase is, I bought it for cheap, doesnt sound right.

Aden Aden says:

Hi..Am in Nairobi ..my LG's screen has been smashed as the same as your sony phone and could not find any help …any assistance plz

Dharmaraj IPPILI APPIAH says:

Thank you spook much or else my mom would kill me

Ricky Spanish says:

Pretty safe to assume they dont want people fixing these.

Fishappy0 -JackFish says:

Keep in mind any waterproofing feature will be gone after this XDDDD also rip warranty

hammurabi gonzalez says:

or just slap a sized tempered glass on it …..

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