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Fixing a dead iPhone 4

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Hugh Jeffreys says:

Guess who i am meeting tomorrow???


i ordered dead iphone from ebay
actuvalli. my new iphone. damaged its board gud. plz. telme
what. is. meaning. of dead iphone…?

Tony Trayling says:

Clean phone lol

David McMurran says:

Maybe by the term ‘dead’ they meant the battery was flat and needed charging.

CrimsonBlade Customs says:

The man had Ariana grande pic no shame

WįlłXgløššy says:

Check this out

rennickelizabe says:

I have forgotten my restrictions passcode any advice please

Conbro098 says:

That belongs in a museum


I hate your channel. You must have no life where you buy nothing but cheap iPhones and fix them. Get a life and stop wasting money.

Lancemations says:

It’s amazing how you make ur videos with a iPhone

Euro Tense says:

please stop with the ariana wallpapers

Skunky420 says:

"go ahead" and shut the fuck up

RetroX says:

The iphone looks like it took a big fall and the cable probally came loose after it hit the ground causing the dock not to work

rushalex 367 says:

&£₩-÷;9}●9♡]■%+9*^¥×+3÷3hteaahrtshgzfmhvx, and I will be a little more

BossGamer2017 / / Mobil Directo says:

What do you do with all your iPhones?

Monika Khatri says:

What is relationship between charging dock and dead?
So this method is fake.

BioLizard Venom says:

I have a perfectly working iphone 4s but i forgot my icloud password i had on it…i use a different one now

Pixel gun guy Best says:

What is up with the smacking

Curt Chestley says:

I have a iPhone 4 and I only baught it for 10 bucks and it's in great condition no water damage and it's no iCloud locked

CaedenVlogs & more says:

i have a old phone that needs to be fixed it has very important stuff of a family member who has passed and i need it fixed can you dm me and discuss this 🙂 thanks

Hampoon says:

Oh you and your Arianna grande wallpapers

Dom T says:

What’s the website you used to check the one Imei in this video

samsung pro says:

Goahead whay you alweys teling goahead

Gabriel Yoo says:

First you hide the IMIE , but its still visible at 3:41

Andreas Sigalas says:

What does it mean when it boot loops with the battery still in there?

Breezie Leaf Aj says:

u must love ariana grande

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