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*FIXED!* Help me fix my laptop!

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UPDATE: I reinstalled Windows and now it works fine. Thanks to everyone for their advise. 🙂

Long story short, I found my old laptop and I was wondering if there was any way of fixing it myself without having to fork over about $200 for a repair. If you know what the problem is, or have a solution to fix it, write a comment. I’ll try my best to read/respond to them all. 🙂


Xxnot Always perfect :3 says:

Help me I have it to and I want to play roblox on it help me plz

Itz me joshey says:

you have to chang your hard drive

Prashant Bista says:

My laptop starts upto start window and stuck there. And again restart

Zakaria Chowdhury says:

Go to another laptop create a system image and put it in a flash drive or disk the files and go to the broken laptop and insert it and search in the internet how to use it

Kevin Nascimento says:

:-d pleaseeeee help me ppl
I'm havig the same problem

StyleFresh says:

Ahhhh I'm having the same problem what did you do to fix it!!

nickolas mendoza says:

maby you can teck it to compuder pfashnl

DarkShadowWolf says:

Me, but once I got into regular setting in the crash it just crashes and it goes back to the screen

Eric Luna says:

Just press enter or turn it off and wait 30 seconds

rex ford says:

Try to reinstall windows using a bootable device..

Cookiimonster2468 says:

That's happening to me

X Gutierrez says:

click like if ur waching this in 2013 and trying to help him

Kristeen Raynes says:

once u turn it on press F2 over and over and see where it brings u,if that doesn't work press F12 over and over,or F5,or F9 to see where it brings you okay 🙂 it happened to me and i called and they showed me

kado jeff says:


Alex Vue says:

Trololololololol my laptop does that too

jason singh says:

i know its stupid

MrLa Duck says:

try going on seting thing the key will be f1 or f2

Dishonored says:

i haved the same shit and i got to my neighbour and he fixed it for 5$

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