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Fix Your computer is running low on resources, so no new users can sign in Windows 10

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Can’t sign in to User account. Can’t switch user, showing message ‘Your computer is running low on resources, so no new users can sign in’. When i Switch User or Sign in to user account, computer showing the message ‘Your computer is running low on resources, so no new users can sign in. Please use an account that has already been signed in.’
OS: Windows 10 pro Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393
Note: i have installed Windows 10 Anniversary update
I noticed this message when i try to sign in after putting the computer into sleep
Solution: Restart the computer from the sign in screen power option. Then sign in to user account. After restarting the computer, i can sign into any user account. (i can switch to any user account)


Prettyhoodgaming Gang says:

Thx so much it worked I felt like I was going to be dead

HyDe Lord says:

Father about to kill me lol this worked thanks

Shai Coyoca says:

Thank you! πŸ™‚

Breyus Gaming says:

Thanks for the help I subbed and liked

Jayrold Rea says:

What if you only have one user account.? What to do then.?

JJAgnire says:

But I only have 1 fucking account

Ankur Srivas says:

It worked…but what is this problem??

Robert Ferrara says:


Dee Booth says:

I can't believe i've just watched the utube equivalent of calling a IT contact centre and being told to turn my comp off and then on again. GENIUS

cyber hacker says:

my computer have no microsofe accout

Stefanie Reid says:

Thx u so much

TomKab says:


LazarChimp says:

I turned my laptop off on that screen and when it was there I couldn't even try to sign in when I hit ok it instantly popped up again and now it says my laptop is on but the screen isn't turning on plz help

Stevediamond 6 says:

Thx man you're a lifesaver

gaming Saucewalka says:

Bro this shit happen to my computer on the same day except it's during this year 2017πŸ˜•

rajan brar says:

You are a life saver man.thanks

MariamPaulx says:

Was i the only one that just simply restarted the computer and it was fine?

Somit Guha says:

Thanks Man!

Raval Saumya says:

I left my laptop on charging at 50% battery

Epicman363 says:


WonderZ says:

What to do if it's windows 7.5

Elyssa Winslett says:

thank you that made my laptop work again

Bob Mathis says:

Sorry, but this isn't a fix. This is just a workaround. A fix would prevent it from happening in the future.

Bridget Burns says:

My computer been doing that since 2 nights ago and I can't do anything like it just say "your computer is running low" and so on. My computer doesn't shut down at all so what should I do

Abeer Abdelwahed says:

Thank you for resolving my problem 🌼🌼🌼

Buggles says:

thank you. I feel utterly stupid for not trying that!

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