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Fix Windows 10 Computer Restarts After Clicking Shutdown

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Fix Windows 10 Computer Restarts After Clicking Shutdown

This is a very common issue and I will show you how to fix it in this video. It can happen in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Just try some of the methods in this video to fix computer restarts automatically after shutdown.

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EnesIzzDa says:

Hello, I speak german and today i clicked on restart PC i mean reset all things and i must sleep now and i have closed my pc and turn it again on to see what going on and i see a warning and there were words what i dont understand and i will cry i dont wanna that my mom or my brother see it help me please help me :((

Caynex Leong says:

do you how to remove a unwanted previous language that show on language taskbar? i tried remove from setting but it still stay on my taskbar ? any solution for this issue ? i running win 10 1607.

shawn gibson says:

This is a very common issue and I will show you how to fix it……..STAY WITH WINDOWS 7 BooM fix

ye olde grumpy-git says:

I had a restart problem but mine was a faulty switch intermittent

Will Ford says:

Did it fix it then?

Luigi 64 says:

Hi Britec I have this problem when I set my computer to hibernate it just turns back on within 2 seconds afterwords can you make a video on that?

midnight Hydra says:

Brian thank you so much for your time and your Devotion to the computers and systems you are the voice of the UK we thank you for that Robert Green Nesbit Mississippi USA

-Robert10- says:

Dear Brtiec,

My computer is restarting by itself, i don't know how.

The Story:

It was night, i got the ready to install notification so i pressed Snooze, the next day i updated it. After like 3-4 hours, it restarted by itself, i was like "… ah crap".

So can you help me fix it?

PC Specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 250 3.00 GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 512 MB
RAM: 3 GB of Ram
Motherboard: ASUS M4A77T Motherboard
Version of Windows: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

Matthew Moore says:

Recently my Cortana search bar has turned white. I had this problem before, back then i simply changed regions and then changed it back again and it was fixed. This time i went as far as reinstalling cortana by deleting the system folder and reinstalling cortana using powershell. It fixed it for a few hours, then it changed back to white again. It's an eye sore. Do you have a fix for that issue?

2CPT1 MP says:

I had a similar issue when my old computer was continuously rebooting. But it was because I set "Power ON " option in BIOS for power failures. So every time it didn't shutdown correctly it would keep restarting each time i shut it down lol

Walker’s pc games says:

great video Brian

TheCooperman666 says:

Thank's the regedit fix sorted it for me the restart after shut down was geting annoying.

aphtonyjim says:

Hi Brian
First, another great video……But could you do a part two of this video, called windows 10 SLEEP issues. I have a problem, ever since windows 10 install, my system will not go into 'sleep' mode even when you think it has. I have looked at other tutorials on youtube, but nothing I have tried seems to work.

Anonim 1 says:

plis disable windows defender task automatic scanner

Kolyei says:

Hey Brian. I've been having this error whenever I try and upgrade to windows 10 0x8007001f. I am using the free accessibility upgrade feature that is still available until the end of this year.

Imgur post explaining my error https://imgur.com/gallery/IVzfa

Rob Z says:

Thanks, Brian, have a good weekend.

Kerwin Jones says:

Windows 10 Update as of Nov 11 2017 – PC locks Up Randomly – All Drivers Updated as well as ALL MS Updates. Current Virus Software Up to Date. Wondering if the latest MS Update for WIN10 is the culprit that is causing this lock up issue…….If so anyone knows a FIX?

Stephen Crossland says:

Thank you. I have had a problem with my desktop for a number of years. It shuts down but the internal fans keep spinning. My answer has been to disconnect the power supply once the monitor turns off. Following your regedit command …winlogon/powerdownaftershutdown was set to 0. I reset it to 1 and my machine is turning off properly. Thanks again, s.

fixitdaz says:

Great Advice Bri, But the video ends a bit abruptly, I had this shutdown problem yesterday after the third restart it resolved its self, if it happens again I will check the settings you mention. Thanks for the info.

Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max says:

Thats not bad only 100 steps later you got it

balbie29 says:

I don’t need it yet but I know in the future I will do. Thank you for preventing yet another headache that I would have had.

Romel Abuan says:

Hello there britec, what is the reason why does it restart?

Rounak Dutta says:

Never saw anything like this LOL

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