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fix the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error Win7 win8 win10

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fix the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error Win7 win8 win10
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GrAvItY s says:

Please help keep saying 64%

Lemun says:

THANKS! IT WORKEDDDD just needed this tutorial untile 2:30

iDjsJuan says:

Oye temgo lenovo windows 10 y no se que hacer me aparece el mismo error me meti a otro video y tambien hizo lo mismo pero me aparece una pantalla azul y dice un momento y ya espere 14 horas

AndyAndrei says:

Thank you a lot! Now I'm running Windows Vista on my Huawei P10 Lite!

AndyAndrei says:

Now I tried, not it's restarting my windows vista… If this tutorial helps me for my 3 days work… I will be very happy…

Jun Wei Fung says:

Dammit thanks for keeping my window restart nos

Muhammad Zaid Bhatti says:

thanks buddy changed the value to 3 in registry and it fixed the problem.

Sean Sweet Johnson says:

Thank you bro, it worked for me man.

Jimin licks suga smooth likeu sneak says:

when i press shift F10 command prompt won't show up! am i in deep shit or what please help me

Daniel Bautista says:

Ty so much! I bootcamped windkws in my macbook and i thought i was doomed! Fuck that

Mohammed Sajid says:

bro thanks a lot it worked for me

Les2io says:

You saved me im french

Les2io says:

thanks you vers vers mush

Roshan Lobo says:

after this setting blue screen is coming

WAHO says:

Its really work thanks and I sub for you I hope you to sub

Hussain Baij says:

After i did that i started to restart over and over with blue screen right away!!!

comedy king bharat says:

Thank you so much it's really work 100%

NoVoice Gamer says:

I fucking love you

Itz Norman says:

It looks like it’s working so I sub.

360 U.M.B. says:

At least for me it did

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