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FIX: Smartphone Proximity Sensor (Xperia Z Ultra)

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Just a short video that will calibrate the proximity sensor of your xperia z device. This usually happens when screen protectors are applied or the sensor is inhibited in some way.. Hope this helps…

Thanks for watching!


toyotasir says:

Somehow is the phone infrared not sensitive enough so i Hard press on the
proximity sensor area, it’s back to work again. i am Using Z2.

Julie Anne Tuazon says:

I also have the same problem and when I run the Diagnostics, the proximity
sensor is always on. When I checked the *#*#… there’s no option to
calibrate. Thoughts?

uther2093 says:

In which version of Android this option is avaiable?

Black Swan says:

I have the same phone but it doesnt appear to me those optionsss. I think i
cannot calibrate it :(

hallwaybeats86 says:

I have the Xperia Z and “calibrate” wasn’t an option to pick from….?

karan kakade says:

Worked for me.. My G-sensor for Xpreia Z had stopped working.. Just
followed the steps in the video and recaliberated my sensor.. Works fine

thesims2custom says:

Guys, need help here. I bought T2 Ultra single SIM.
And I just realized that there’s no proximity sensor on the phone? I
checked from an app that could detect sensor but there’s no proximity
sensor 🙁 

janklamer says:

error code 98. 

Lucian Anton says:

ok my phone gives error code=-99

Lucas Ramos says:

I’m having trouble with the Xperia SP but does not have this option to
calibrate the proximity sensor has a suggestion? In my xperia z1 have this
option, is it the difference of ROM?

Salman Jaffar says:

I am not getting the proximity sensor option :|

Kiwi Tech says:
rsjinnis says:

I was having major trouble with my sensor because of the screen protector
till I saw this video…. solved my problem in a minute….. thanks a tonne

Ranajoy Sen says:

Restarted and even factory restored

john doe says:

How well does the auto brightness sensor work on the z ultra ?

Ranajoy Sen says:

Thanks !! Lets see what I can do . Any good flip cover app that you would
reccomend for this device ?

Good guy Greg says:


Kiwi Tech says:

strange. Restart the phone and try again. If it keeps doing it then its a
hardware fault.

Kiwi Tech says:

Yeah it comes with a very light film that will keep the glass together it
shattered. Stops it splintering off. I applied another one over top, which
adds to the thickness and reduces the light that is detected. So
calibrating the sensor changes what the phone thinks as a default level of
light getting through, to the new level of light that is actually getting

Kiwi Tech says:

. There is a bug that if you enable ‘ adapt to lighting conditions ‘ then
the device records and takes 4 mins to boot. But the sensor works well
(especial when this big is fixed)

john doe says:

Good you made this clip because I think it applies to any phone where a
screen protector is added. The proximity sensor will then have to be

Kiwi Tech says:

I’d take it back. tell them whats happening. Im sure you will be able to
exchange it

Ranajoy Sen says:

Hi . I have the Sony Xperia Z1 . Whenever I am trying to calibrate the
Proximity Sensor , it shows a TIME OUT error and gives an error code of -99
. Can you help ?

Satyam Mittal says:

hi, i am having the same problem in sony xperia c, how could i fix the

john doe says:

You already have a screen protector on your ultra. That is to say in
addition to the shatter proof film with the sony logo. So your proximity
sensor is already inhibited. Therfore how can you calibrate the proximity
sensor at all ?

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