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fix slow and weak wifi on pc and laptop 2017

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how to fix slower connection
speed up wifi on any ios device pc linux
fix wifi problem on mac
fix wif i on iphone and ipad
lot of people report this problem\
for the dns number : ,


Anicool Singh says:

It worked..

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Luvu says:

Thank you 😉

Vishal Sharma says:

thanks bro love from india worked for me

Aboan Animme says:

works in first one bro…you're awesome

mahesh reddy says:

It really works
Thank u

Ch Dawood says:

you are amezing man this first method works for me thanku

Rob Geyer says:

Just wanted to say thanks. My daughter just got a new Lenovo for college and the wifi was lagging bad at home while all other computers worked well. Your first suggestion worked great and may see if the 2nd is even better. Thanks again. Liked!

George Oliver says:

Mettered will slow pc dude

joker666 says:

Great video bro, my laptop feels significantly faster. Thanks!

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