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Fix Problem With Computer Cannot Recognize the Samsung Galaxy S7

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See how you can fix the computer cannot recognize the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Mixey says:

For those of who who it doesn't work
Go to Control PanelHardware and SoundDevices and Printers check if you see your phone
Right click, select trouble shoot, fix problem and it will install the required drivers on your pc

ap2pat says:

followed the steps. Changed USB modes. Still doesnt work.

Sarah Bargach says:

Thank you was very helpful!!!

akaTheDevil says:

still doesn't work

David Lovell says:

tried it it doesnt work no phone comes up on my pc, and then whatever I try it comes up not recognised?

Michal Ryp says:

finally good video thanks (y)

HighAway says:

this is not helping.

Jeremy Pease says:

Thank you for doing this. My only constructive comment is way too fast on explaining what to do.

KAC Kendal says:

Didnt work…watched another video and IT WAS THE LEAD!!!!! simple! 🙂

Bobbie LaRue says:

Thank you so very much. You have no idea how much this video help me!

Baha Rahman says:

I don't have the USB configuration option

kislany123 says:

Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't have the USB configuration option, only USB debug, which doesn't do anything. Oh well, onto the next video…

Grobari says:

thanks dude, this helped me out. here's a like

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