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Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working

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Let’s fix, laptop keyboard not working, so follow simple steps to fix laptop keyboard not working problem within minutes.

Solution 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS5BiJ1aB2I

Solution 3: https://www.wiknix.com/laptop-keyboard-not-working/


FusedGT says:

If this method doesnt work, try my method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxGptalK5oA

Klitos Nicolaou says:

Hey man just wanted to let you know that u saved me money because i was about to take my laptop to a technician and this was literally the last thing i tried. I tried restart,unistall driver, reset windows, refresh windows, factory reset and a lot more but the fix was so fcking simple, point is Thanks a lot!!!

LordSodaCan says:

My “m” key still isn’t working, any ideas?

Aina Faruni says:

Thank You 🙂

Rohan Kumar says:

my keboard is not working….. please tell me how to fix problem …..
window 8.1

gurGen GEo says:

i just find out real solution , go to control panel , ease of access center , make the keyboard easier to use , and click on set up sticky keys then options and turn off lock modifitier and second

Victor Perdeleanu says:

Please help me it doesnt show me the keyboard of my laptop

Ninos Athanasiadis says:

Thank you so much!! It really saved my day!!

Nyan Cat says:

it didnt work now my pc is drying no chance

Capetan Jack IDK says:


Alan Bignell says:

My at key is not working. I am stuck as it is needed for booki in to my mail.

Kenster509 says:

To those people who was asking how can they do that without a kyeboard. I found a best way to do it without using an external keyboard.
Just go to chrome then google,
I have bookmarked something, then i copy letters then paste to make a word 😂

I am soooo smart, wooooh!

Salka Naushad says:

Thank you Thank you…!!!! it works!! 🙂

Code_Fire says:

It doesn't work

Aung Ko Khant says:

hey, i want to ask some question.+ ,=, " , ',keys are not work in my laptop.please give me a good idea to solve it.please

পোলাপাইন says:

Unfortunately I uninstall my laptop Standard PS/2 Keyboard
how I can install this keyboard again.plz brother help me


you saved my life bro thank you

Shubh Gupta says:

no effect bro

Lily Dilly says:

THANK YOU!! This helped me so much!

Robert Happel says:

this does noting for me at all every time i wake my computer from sleep mode since it upgraded itself the keyboard doesn't work i have to restart it every time and its getting annoying can anyone help me out

Patricia Spengler says:

thankyou so much 🙂

emmanuel omonua says:

wtf did u do

-TheBear- says:

Thanks Alot Mate It Worked 😀 I LOVE YOUU!!

Dragon Tamer Vileon says:

I've done this so many times but still end up the same after like 2 hours

Urooj Ayyan says:

omg! thank you so much. my keyboard started working

Heather Sanders says:

this worked a few weeks ago, but then the same 2 keys stopped working again, and once again this seemed to work, but i would like to know what keeps causing the issue

Kyle Migia says:

thanks bro! it works in CD-R KING Game Keyboard!

Randee Mayo says:

I replaced my laptop keyboard and it works for a while and then the key strikes stop working

Randee Mayo says:

can;t hear, can't see what you are writing…Say something for god's sakes

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