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Fix iPhone That Won’t Charge

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Here is how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge. First, try plugging the charger into different outlets and if possible try a different iPhone charger. If the iPhone still doesn’t charge, clean any lint out of the iPhone lightning connector port and carefully clean the metal contacts with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Plug the iPhone into the charger, and it will charge.


Amber Pate says:

My iPhone 5c iOS 8.12…when I plug the charger into it it doesn’t
work…once it dies it charges up enough to cut on at 4-5% but doesn’t
charge any more…I’ve been able a few times to get it to actually charge
just started happening a few days ago…I’ve tried cleaning it out, blowing
into it..there hasn’t been any water damage I haven’t dropped it..

Dankz Mc says:

Dude thanks so much bro i couldn’t talk to my girlfriend for days because
my phone wouldnt charge

RealEve(*u*) says:

My iPhone 5s is new and it won’t charge but like it does but then when I
pick it up it stops charging! Or only charges for a second

Junior Cordice says:

Wow I Just found my solution all I did was change outlets and it worked

JustDoIt Sedore says:

Ok so i cleaned it a little bit and i put the charger in still nothin but
what i think i need to do is get a new charger box

Prakash Sambhara says:

Thank you for the tip. It worked for me. 

Crystal Qu says:

I’ve tried these methods but it still wouldn’t charge! What should I do?
It’s run out of power now..

Marco Bodt says:

Lel, while you were talking I looked at the phone and it turned on.. No
hand magic!

Alexander van Terheyden says:

Thanks for this! Can’t believe how much lint I had in my iphone 6! I hope I
don’t have to do this every 2months! 

louise moran says:

You used a iPod touch. There are defrencess

Matt Feeling says:

I plug my cord into my phone and it charges for a second then it quits. 

danny kien says:

Thank you you saved my iPad 

Tony S. says:

thanks a lot.it worked fine for me.

Dance lover says:

isn’t that an iPod?

FlairFifaHD says:

my iphone is acting really weird, i cant charge it when its turned on but
when its turned of it seems like it can. if someone have the solution to
this PLEASE help me

Leon Hurricanes says:

You the Man thank you 

Max Guzman says:

Will this work for iPhone 4s?

JustDoIt Sedore says:

I put my charger in the out let but it wont charge but if i shut my phone
off it chargers for like 10 seconds and then just stops

PeuX Clan says:

Can i use it without alcohol or something?


its an Ipod not an Iphone

Harry S says:

Thankyou atleast some people don’t make superstitions about the iPhone uve
helped me so much can finally use my phone agin:)

charise x says:

holy crap, it worked

Taylor Johnson says:

What else can I use to clean it out instead of achol

Baylie Yarkowsky says:

Thank you so much! Saved me time and money. 🙂 

Joseph brewer says:

That is a iPOD NOT A IPHONE 

kevin krueger Photography says:

I also thank you! Been having trouble with getting the charge cord to
connect, and last few days, wouldn’t charge at all. I don’t use a cover,
so that probably puts me at higher risk. I also noticed that the cord was
held back from the phone body, by about 1/16 inch. Removing the lint
allowed the cord to plug in all the way…began charging immediately!
Thanks again for sharing!!!!

jada adams says:

WORKED LIKE A CHARM. My phone was filthy in there. I didn’t have Q-tips,
so I twisted a piece of toilet paper really tight, and lightly dipped it in
the rubbing alcohol, then twisted more to get it tight.

Hoden Abdirahman says:

Why is mine not working?

Ferda Farmers says:

All I did was blow it out and it’s charging again! Thanks!!

Claudiu Popescu says:


Julius ceazar Peñacuba says:

Holy crap thank you sor it worked;)

nevil bradly says:

Would this tip work on a samsung galaxy s2

wickedg21 says:

Good advice for my phone charging again thanks 

Aaron Davis says:

Nice work bud

Alistar D'Souza says:


Joshua Wilson says:

Isn’t that a 5th gen ipod?

hoohoohoblin says:

Try this if your iPhone won’t charge when you plug it in. 

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