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FIX ALL IPHONE ERRORS (FORGOT PASSCODE/IPHONE NOT TURNING ON/STUCK IN BOOT LOOP) – iOS 9 and below WORKS on iPhone 6S Plus and below as well as iPod Touch and iPad mini Air Pro iOS 10 and below

Forgot Passcode : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vBz7TUmYug
Forgot passcode
iPhone is disbled
Not truning on
Keeps rebooting (Boot loop)

Shows you to use diffent charger and wire,hard reboot 10 and 20 seconds, turn on with volume up key (only if you’re jailbroken), DFU/Recovery mode with and without the useage of power button.
What to do if waterlock is enabled.

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Azam Khawaja says:

Excellent help, It worked. My device was dead but the methods prescribed are spot on.

Adnan Zeqiraj says:

I just wanted to put ios 10 on my other iPhone 5 and just showed the charger,an up arrow,and a red iTunes logo.Do you know what should i do?

shadowlady1967 says:

my ipod was stuck on the boot screen for 3 hours and it still will not boot right

Snowboarding 13 says:

My iPhone 6 is not turning on and I tried all the things u said but nothing it has a funny smell coming out from where u plug it in to charge it can somone please get back to me

Oscar Vilchez says:

thanks brother your advices worked

nikhila nikki says:

Help me please

nikhila nikki says:

Hello my iPhone 5c isn't switching on don't know y?

Alexpmgr8 K3 says:

My 5s is in a boot loop. This video didn't help.

Musa Deion Sumbundu says:

I phones are straight up bullshit spending big money for some piece of shit. yup straight up fraud and scam.

CHAN Pan says:

ID iphone

Frank La says:

My iPhone 5 is frozen (It won't take me to passcode screen) – I can't do restart my phone with hard power off button (bc hasn't worked for months) or with my assistive touch screen. help!

s.z. H says:

Thanks your fix worked to reset my phone after it was in an endless search mode.

Jordan Best says:

This video helped so much my phone was not turning on

Nisha Dhungana says:

what happened to my phone?
it just show apple logo at first and then it looks like display has gone
what to do?

Miley Prasad says:

Going to the Apple Store and fixing a phone or iPad cost money bruh

mishzguafa says:

Thank you for the reboot advised! it works after 15 seconds

Hollye Chesney says:

my iphone i showing on the screen that it needs charging its been on charge overnight but still not responding wont let me reboot any ideas?

Nubian Lolita says:

i tried it and it worked but the problem is that after a minute and 30 secs of using my iphone it turns off then turns back on and the cycle keeps going….idk what to do..

Go Seldon says:

i tried all this and my phone still wont get out bootloop….this where it gets worst i try connecting it to several of my computers to try restore it but sadly its not even reading or at least getting some juice to turn on from it…its only turning on from a wall charger an for some strange reason its connecting to my ps4 fine… its also not turning on unless i plug it into a charger

Galaxy Skyz says:

omfg! you life saver!

EpicShots101 says:

you rock! you fixed my ipad thank you

khaled handal says:

rice hahaha

Nailla Suherman says:

I need help to my iphone 5s IOS 10.2 , Why does my iphone often turn off by itself?? I need help pls

kamade says:

You are awesome! i've been trying to fix my phone all day!

Grace Tube says:

omg thank the one where it said click the home and the power button for 10 seconds actually works

Dante Ace says:

After I restored it, it was still doing the loop thing please help ??

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