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Fix iPhone 6/6S Stuck in Recovery Mode. NO Restore, NO Data Loss!

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iPhone 6/6S stuck in recovery mode and won’t update or restore after trying to get the lastest iOS 11 update. How to fix? With ReiBoot, you can fix it in few clicks. http://www.tenorshare.com/products/reiboot.html

No need to restore or spend a lot of money to purchase a new phone.
Here goes the tutorial:
1. Install ReiBoot in your PC or Mac.
2. Connect iPhone to PC/Mac via USB cable.
3. Choose “Fix All iOS Stuck”, Then “Download” Firmware and “Start Repair”.
4. The repair process will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Please make sure the internet connection in good condition while repairing.
5. Your iPhone 6/6S go back again.

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syese habo says:

thanks reiboot! very usefull!!!



Abed Ziada says:

who is warming up lunch in the microwave?

TunSoeTechReview says:

how to restore iphone X no data loss?

Aniah Robinson says:

But you have to pay🤔

iCrackr says:

Does this wipe the device clean? And can I use iOS 10.1.1 as I want to keep the firmware jailbreakable

Calinga Manlapaz says:

help!!! they keep asking me to registerr, what do i register? saw a lot of reiboot process but never teach on register. i need help

Smadoiu Florin says:

i try 50 times and nothing happends !!!!
and not coming help from tenshore !!!! BAD BAD BAD !!!!

dianna simms says:

having issues getting out of recovery mod with reiboot please help me ?

slavis11 says:

This is bogus! I waited hours for the package to download. When you go to run the app it asks you to register or buy the software. When trying to register (presumably for the free version) it asks you for a registration code . . . where are you supposed to get THAT from? This was a waste.

Smadoiu Florin says:

Not Working, i buy yesterday and not working !!!!

Syahmi Khairi says:

does it need to pay first for using this apps?

Terrific Twix says:

Did u use reiboot because there was a error sign on it when u did it on iTunes?

syed sadiq says:

plzzz help my home button is not working plz pkz plz not rebot mode

jojo babiker says:

thanx it is really great

Ann Olazo says:

Thank you. This really works on my iphone 6s+ =) =)

Cristian Pana says:

Care ar fi cauzele mă poate ajuta cineva și nu porneste

Cristian Pana says:

Am un sifon 7plus nu mai incarca

DarkMantle says:

paid money still not working :'(

Martin hernandez says:

Imac o Windows?

Wael Alsallami says:

I have bought the subscription for 37$ but did not help solve my phone from stuck white apple logo, my advice is to try apple update/restore if not work, so no other programme can do.

Theary Ly says:

Thanks for video I fixed my phone 🙂

Muhammad Imran says:

29$ not free..

Nirosh Prasanna says:

orrr.. Thank you very much. You saved me..

shahram arashzad says:

mine is stuck at 15%(waiting for your phone part) for hours now, any solutions?

Kris Paquette says:

So after you got it out of recovery mode you had lost no data or pictures or anything?

J-BO says:

idk what type of sorcery these mf's are using but it fixed my phone in 3.7 seconds ESSEEKITIT

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