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Fix iphone 5 5s 5c 4013 error on itunes

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bad parts cause 4013 error or random message that comes up on start up when showing the apple logo, Its usually from a defective part that has been replaced in the device. screen,camera,charge-port. sometimes shows “physical block offset”


iFixApple says:

Just FYI. I later found out it was the front camera causing this. As I have
a few times at work. Changing the camera, or removing it temporarily
allowed the phone to boot up normally. 

Denitsa Hristova says:

If I buy just the front camera switch flex and replace it – would it be ok
or I need to buy a new front camera too ?

Sandro ABBA says:

hey man, i have had my phone for over a year now and i have never damaged
my phone and replaced any parts. yesterday my WiFi wasn’t working so i
thought to myself it might just need a restart and it should resolve the
issue. while it was booting up i got the flickering of my phone and now i
am stuck.Help Please??

alaster harmons says:

tried without screen as I was told screen had bean replaced , no luck , I
notice all the water censors have been activated , so I tried to clean
with alcohol, but still no better, I then unplugged the power connector but
iPhone then not recognised , and new error 2009, this could take for ever ,
do you think the water damage could be the issue ??? I might need to clean
more alcohol on motherboard !!! I got this 5s second hand s not sure
what’s been done but he said the old screen had been smashed and changed,
but t looks fine to me !!!

Роман Доценко says:

Поделюсь опытом, купил айфон 5 который завис на яблоке, иногда выдавал
айтюнс, так что я сделан. Холодным вечерком открыл окно на шнурке повесил
айфон подождал пока корпус остынет, и о чудо прошил 8 кой. Но на этом беда
не закончилась, затянув его домой он набрал комнатную температуру и начал
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взять автомобильное средство WD 40 после чего над раковиной всё это промыл
и потёр зубной щёткой, потом просушил строительным феном, и айфон ожил.
Предупреждаю что всё перечисленное делаете на свой страх и риск. Надеюсь
был полезен.

Lays Lorrane says:

Hello, I’m from Brazil, but bought an iphone 5s in the US, and it stopped
working, the same happens when I try to restore it occurs the error 4013. I
do not speak English, so the video was a bit confusing to me, could help me
? I need to know if you need to replace the front of the cell that will
operate normally. Thank you in advance.

Gabriela Llanes says:

please Help me IReplace Lcd iphone 5s After screen replacement ..apple Logo
Shows then it Turn Red SCreen then boot to apple Logo again??? what should
i do ??

Puiu Ciprian says:

I struggled with this problem for some time but I ‘ve finally managed to
get this error by doing the following steps: I removed the motherboard and
toothbrush dipped in alcohol have very little ster absolutely all jacks
after I mounted the plate place and I just connected to the charger jack ,
the other I have not connected , I connected to itunes and I gave restore
and finally we succeeded.

cungpengnawl nawl says:

hi.. my iphone is error occurred 4013.can u pls help me

Azon Staz - Leader Azon / Risen / Antasm says:

Help me ! I have this error 4013! I’m french , I do not understand your
tutorial, can you please help me? I have an iphone 4S it should be the same
I think, how did you do? Thank you in advance

LilTutorialHelper | Daily Tutorials Just For You! says:

Can I put back in the Replacement Screen after doing the Restore?

Aaron .Kinsey says:

great!!! thanks for the vid it was my screen causing the problem

suhail pp says:


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